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5 Essential Tips to Resolve Conflict in The Workplace


The workplace is like a second home, and the people there are like a second family. After all, you spend half of your days with them in the office.

Though it may be a functional and loving family, it’s bound to have some conflicts once in a while. In fact, it is a normal occurrence in any group of people which works closely with themselves. That being said, it’s still not very nice or productive to have conflict in the workplace. It slows everyone down, creates tension, and puts the office in a bad mood. Thankfully, there are a few fail-proof tips to resolve conflict peacefully and get back to work.

Look for the cause of the problem
Instead of looking for who to blame for the conflict, search for the cause of the problem. It takes two for an argument, so it’s useless trying to pin it on someone. Both parties had a say in how they would react, so treat them equally.

Always try to find out what the issue was about and how, why it turned into a huge conflict. This way, you’ll see the root of the problem and you’ll be able to solve it more easily. Who knows, it may have been just a misunderstanding that took larger proportions. Work conflicts often seem like a big deal but are usually just cause of miscommunication.

Be open
Don’t hide your feelings. Honest communication is the key to resolving all conflict. Most people will try to hide their true feelings and won’t show that the other person hurt them. Though it may sound wise to sound people, there’s just going to be more bad blood. You should encourage your employees to openly say what bothers them and acknowledge their feelings.

What’s more, they should also be open to each other. Nobody likes being in the middle of conflict, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to solve it quickly. Being honest is the best way to do that. You should be there for advice and to listen, but don’t mettle. Let your employees solve the issue themselves.

Meet up on neutral grounds
If being open and finding the core has proven unsuccessful, it might be that your employees feel territorial. One party can end up feeling attacked because they’ll feel like they’re not on their own terrain. To avoid this, they should meet up on neutral grounds. This way, the playing field will be even and no one will feel defensive or hurt.

You can just invite them to your office, e.g. A better idea is to suggest that they resolve the conflict outside of the office. This way, they won’t be in the environment where the argument happened and will be more open-minded toward solving it.

Hire mediators
Hiring mediators is becoming one of the most popular options in resolving conflict in the workplace today. Australians, especially, have taken a liking to this method which explains why they’ve mastered it pretty quickly. There’s a lot you can learn from the best workplace mediators Sydney based, and a lot you can take back to your office. Most of the things you can learn involve solving conflicts with a drop of the hat and finding the best solution right away.

What’s more, hiring someone secures harmony in the workplace and doesn’t affect productivity or motivation. It also leaves you more time to do your job.

Don’t hold a grudge
The final step to resolving any workplace conflict is not holding a grudge. Forgiveness will set a tone for the whole office after the conflict has been taken care of. You want to show your employees that occasional conflicts are okay and normal and that we all have negative emotions that sometimes surface.

What’s more important that those emotions is how they handle them, though. This all leads up to forgiveness as it is the ultimate key to getting rid of negative emotions and continuing with your life normally. Follow this advice yourself, and don’t stay mad at your employees for having a conflict. The crucial thing is resolving it and getting on with work as soon as possible.

All in all, conflict doesn’t have to be a big deal. Sure, it happens occasionally, but it doesn’t have to take a toll on the work day and your employees’ motivation. Being a good boss also means paying attention to what’s going on in the office, and making sure your workers are motivated and working in a healthy environment. That’s why showing you care about resolving conflict will make you a loving boss in your employees’ eyes and will make them respect you even more. Always treat people as people and pay attention to their needs, and you’re bound to be running a successful business.



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