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5 Efficient Pest Control Tips For Home Owners

Every now and then, home occupants have to challenge living with the presence of pests in the likes of insects, rodents and more. Do not be afraid as this article is here to provide the necessary residential pest control tips and tricks to eradicate the presence of such health risking pests.

These tips and tricks for residential pest control are listed below;

Pest Control Tips And Tricks For Insects

  • Having a mixture of borax and sugar goes a long way in eradicating ants from the home. It is simply done by mixing a cup of borax with a cup of sugar in a container that is perforated or can be easily perforated, after the mixture you then sprinkle around the house perimeters and areas likable to have presence of such ants. The concept is simply the invitation of the ants by the presence of sugar and their death from the poison found in the borax.

  • In a case of roaches, sprinkling borax around but away from where children and pets could come in contact with the poisonous chemical.

  • Do well to put out the trash far away from the house to avoid infestation by fleas and do a proper vacuum cleaning in the presence of having a rug.

  • Staying in a multi apartments building could be a waste of time fumigating as insects could crawl in and out from other apartments. It is important to fumigate the full building in such case.

Pest Control Tips And Tricks For Rodents

To have rodents kept out of your home permanently, it is important to have sealed every entry points that they could possibly squeeze through into the home. In cases where there are lots of cracks and holes in your home, as a residential pest control tip and trick, it is necessary to fill such openings with poison (pesticides) and have them all stuffed up with tough pads firmly inserted to prevent any means of them getting in or out of such abode and leading to their instant death from fumes of the poison. By so doing, rodents are restrained.



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