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5 Effective Ways of Controlling Stress

With the hustle and bustle of the day, stress is most certainly going to pop up every now and then as we are all humans. However, it is also important to know that it could be contained in a lot of ways possible. Many a times, we tend to worry about certain life stressing issues such as; the family, the kids, work, school and more but then letting that stress get to you could be the beginning of some health issues you may not bargain for. It is therefore important to know a few ways with which you can combat and control stress. Here are my top 5 most effective ways of controlling stress:

  • Stay Away From Alcohol

It is important to know that alcohol is a major depressant when guzzled in large amounts and as a trigger in lesser quantities. When stress occurs, it is important to replace alcoholic and caffeinated drinks with water, tea or fruits in form of smoothies.

  • Exercise Often

Exercising is a major way to controlling stress and can be a substitute to metabolizing extreme tension hormones and help bring back sanity and cool to your mind as well as your body to a more peaceful condition.

  • Sleep More

Sleeping is a major solution to controlling and solving stress. Research has it that majority of those with proper form of sleep tend to be triggered by stress and tension. It is also a fact that stress could prevent proper rest and sleep as the human thoughts are clouded by problems and how  to solve them but then on the other hand, making sure to sleep could help relieve you afterwards. It is advisable to go to sleep same time every day so the body and subconscious gets programmed to a particular sleep time. This prevents insomnia.

  • Relaxation Of The Mind

Make it a habit to relax often either at the work place or at home. Try distracting yourself once you notice you are likable to get stressed by a certain work or situation. Some people are known to play video games as a means of controlling stress, some go out for a walk or jog, some go swimming. All these are relaxation methods and a form of relaxing the mind and controlling stress alongside.

  • Talk With Someone, Anyone

Stress sometimes lead to depression and in other to avoid this stage of stress, it is important to talk to people; colleagues or neighbors to help control the level of stress you may be experiencing.

Stress can sometimes be a silent killer. If you feel you are going through stress, make sure you apply these few tips listed above to help you control and overcome stress. Always remember that Health is Wealth.


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