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5 Dangerous Chemicals Found in Everyday Food

Be careful what goes into your mouth.


It is important to know the substances you consume are not all products that go well with your body and can cause severe damages to your health and well being. That it looks great and taste even better is not always a guarantee that its healthy.

Here are 5 dangerous chemicals found in everyday food:

Artificial Coloring

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Without knowing, most of the coloring in our everyday food and beverages are artificial coloring and synthetic dyes. Through years of research, it has been determined that they may contain carcinogenic substances, which are bad for the brain. Avoid foods with artificial coloring.

Mono-sodium Glutamate-(MSG)

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Most seasoning cubes and products contain Mono-sodium Glutamate which is used to enhance the protein in food. Excess exposure of this chemical can lead to tightness of chest, headaches and a burning sensation in the arms and neck.

Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite


This are popular chemicals used in the preservation of meat. When this chemical comes in contact and combines with other compounds, it forms Nitrosamine, which is known as an extremely powerful cancer causing agent. This formation occurs faster when frying because of the high temperature. Choose Nitrite free processed meat instead.

Acesulfame K

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Known more commonly and commercially as Sunette, this chemical is a substitute for sugar and is sold in a packet or tablet form. They are have also been added in gum, dry mixtures of beverages, instant tea, deserts and creamers for coffee. This chemical is terrible as research has found that this additive causes cancer in animal and thus are a threat to human consumption.


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Caffeine is a substance that, when consumed, stimulates your central nervous system. This means that it can boost your body into alertness and eliminate any feeling of drowsiness. It is widely consumed in the society today and can be found in tea, coffee, chocolate and beverages. it is a drug and thus comes with its own set of side effect which include; hypersensitivity, addiction and nervous breakdown and pregnancy risks.


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