5 common causes of back pain

Have you ever been in situations when you can’t do what you want to do because of pains in your back? It could be quite annoying sometimes right? Back pains could be caused by several factors. This makes its occurrence quite frequent among people all over the world.  This condition is usually quite uncomfortable and could come with a lot of pain but usually nothing serious. Back pains could occur with anyone but happens majorly to the adults say between 30 and 60 years. It is usually connected to the pattern and manner by which our muscles and bones at the back work in conjunction with each other.

But what really causes back ache? Well, let me tell you 5 main causes of back pain

  1. Strain

This is usually the most common cause of a lot of back pains and is usually due to strained or over worked ligaments and muscles. This could be due to lifting of a lot of hard items from the ground and carrying them up and about. Majority of humans do not know how well to lift heavy items properly and so get to strain their back disks and muscles. Such people like those that work at construction sites and ports have issues with back pains and usually are seen taken a lot of  aspirin and other pain relievers.

  1. Arthritis

People who are sick with osteoarthritis occasionally have issues with their joints around the hip, knee, ankles, wrist, lower backs and hands. Sometimes, when so critical, it creates a narrow path around the human spinal cord and this case is medically called spinal stenosis.

  1. Osteoporosis

In this case, the vertebrae of the human back gets stiff and absorbent thereby leading to density fractures as a result.

  1. Spine Infection

The outcome could result to possible fever at the back of the human body whereby it goes up in a higher temperature than the rest of the human body. In such cases, seeing a doctor is highly advised.

  1. Sleep Disorder

Many humans get their back pains from this factor compared to others who do not suffer from this. Usually when a back pain is about to kick off, it causes pains and stiffness in the neck. When this is observed, you should know that a back ache is not far behind and find a way to ease off the pain.

Also the use of certain types of mattress could cause a major back pain. It is always advisable to purchase an orthopedic bed. The risk of a back pain is high when you mattress does not support certain areas of your back when you lay to sleep or relax.


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