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5 Body Languages You Must Learn to Notice

Have the edge in your interaction with people.


Body languages are also part of our lives as we tend to identify them only if we are aware of what they are meant for. It can help in danger and maybe let you understand there is something bad or good going to happen.

Here are 5 body languages you must learn to notice:

Body Language for Thinking

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  • Stroking the chin means they are assessing the advantages and disadvantages an idea being presented.
  • Pinching the bridge of the with eyes closed means they are engaged in very deep thought. nose
  • Walking with the head down and hands behind the back means they are probably worried about their problems, and they are thinking of ways to solve them.

Body Language for Anger

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  • Clenching of the fist.
  • One hand is clutching the other hand, arm, or elbow.
  • Arms are vertically placed on the table while the hands are gripping the edge of the table.

Body Language to Indicate Nervous Feelings

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  • The bottom edges between the fingers of one hand are clenched with the bottom edges between the fingers of the other hand. This is the position of the hands when praying.
  • Hands interlocking (flesh between thumb and index finger of one hand joined with flesh between thumb and index finger of another hand) and pressing each other.
  • Speaking in a high-pitched, fast-paced, stuttering voice.

Body Language for Boredom

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  • Head supported by the palm, often accompanied by drooping eyes.
  • They show inattentiveness by staring at a blank space (eyes not blinking) or by looking around frequently.
  • They are pulling their ears. This may also signify that they want to interrupt while another person is talking.
  • Their feet or other body parts are pointing to the exit, as if they are very eager to leave.
  • They move restlessly in their seats. This could also mean that they are not cozy or at ease, or they might just be exhausted.
  • They cross their legs and constantly kick their foot in a very slight motion (particularly done by females).

Body Language Exhibiting Confidence/Authority

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  • They maintain firm eye contact and rarely looks on other body parts underneath the nose.
  • They speak with a low-pitched, slow-paced, downward-inflected voice.
  • Chest projected outwards.
  • They maintain an erect posture, whether standing or sitting.
  • They sit in reverse, with the back of the chair serving as their support or shield. People who sit in this position are known to be bossy and aggressive.
  • They join the fingertips of both hands together (small finger of both hands joined together, ring finger of both hands joined together, and so on). Palms of both hands are not in contact with each other. The higher the hands are elevated, the more confident they are.
  • They extend one leg over the arm of a chair they’re sitting in. When they do this, it may also mean that they are apathetic, disinterested, or unconcerned.


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