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5 Best Cars For Entrepreneur in 2019: Number 2 is Awesome!


There are as many types of cars as there are types of entrepreneurs in the country, and choosing the correct machine (car) for your particular business needs is not an easy decision.


Are you rolling with the big guys gang, or riding it solo? Are you just zipping around a traffic-packed road all day, or clocking in hundreds of just highway miles? Are you trying to stay within a tight budget, or is the sky the limit for you?

We road tested a wide array of vehicles — from obscenely fast Italian sports cars to obscenely practical hatchbacks — to help you find the one that best fits your entrepreneurial needs. (Yes, the endeavor was just as fun as it sounds.)

Always remember, your car sends some message to the whole world about who you actually are and what your value is.

So let’s go through these and find your perfect match.


  • Electric Elegance

The Machine: Jaguar I-Pace

Price From:25,203,480.00

Special features: The Jaguar’s first electric car delivers a range of 234 miles, all-wheel drive in performance, and the nifty Software-Over-the Air (SOTA) system installed, which allows each customers to wirelessly or remotely update the vehicle systems.
Why it’s great for an entrepreneur: The I-Pace is the total package. Its practical, luxurious, extravagant, green-friendly and packed with the latest tech. Just watch your back as you drive. LOL


  • Pint-sized luxury

The Machine: Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Price From: N 11,785,800.00

Special features: This newest little Benz has grown-up technology. It has a game-changing infotainment system installed. MBUX System (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). Which features a completely new user interface, natural speech recognition on it’s own, touchscreen capabilities, and the new artificial intelligence system to adapt to your habits over time.


  • Off-road hauler

The Machine: Jeep Gladiator

Price From: Not yet announced

Special features: The Jeep’s first pickup in more than 15 years is an off-road innovative beast with best-in-class towing tool and 4×4 payload installed. But it’s not all that muscle; its Uconnect system also includes Apple CarPlay software, The Android Auto and a very big 8.4-inch touchscreen with pinch-and-zoom ability.  This will surely suit any entrepreneur in Nigeria.


  • Pure fun machine

The Machine: Toyota Supra

Price From: N 18,458,376.00

Special features: This very high-performance hatchback machine left the U.S. market in the late 1990s as researched despite a cult following among a lot of gearheads, but Toyota President Akio Toyoda made it his priority to bring it back. The heart of this car is a turbocharged 335-horsepower. YES! you heard me right. and an inline 6 that gets you from mere 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds flat.

Why it’s great machine for an entrepreneur: We all know running a business can be so stressful, and we might not think of a better way to relax to be able to open your mind to creativity and much possibilities than with a this Supra machine and an open road.


  • SUV of The Future

The Machine: Lincoln Nautilus

Price From: N 14,628,897.00

Special features: In everything, safety comes first with this all-new Lincoln Nautilus. This middle sized luxury car’s suite of driver-assist technologies installed. Including a lane-centering and an evasive steering assist. It is designed to enhance driver confidence and experience.

Why this is great for an entrepreneur: We know many of us spend more time than we would care to admit working while behind the wheel. That’s sure never a good idea, but this Machine does everything currently possible to keep you safe every time.



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