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5 Benefits of Computer Technology in Schools

With the increase investment of funds into ICT and other forms of technology, it has become necessary to take advantage of its numerous benefits. From as early as school days, students should be exposed to technology in other to bridge any gap that might prevent them from functioning effectively in the global society.

Here are 5 benefits of computer technology in schools;

Learning and Development

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It can be used to individualize learning. Through computer networks, people can have personal learning paths set up for themselves. This offers thousands of lessons covering the same basic skill sets that need to be learned by individuals with incredibly different backgrounds, interests, and motivations. With a well-integrated learning system, students can move at an appropriate pace in a user-friendly environment.

Access to Information

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Online tools and resources allow students to efficiently gather and evaluate information, then communicate their thoughts and findings. This communication may require reading; thinking; writing; creating charts, graphs, and other images; or the organization and production of information using spreadsheets and databases.

Solving Complex Problems

Students can learn to develop the skills for solving complex problems themselves, with appropriate guidance. There are a number of computer applications designed to revolutionize the way students work and, more important, their thought process. Databases, spreadsheets, computer-Aided design, graphics programs, and multimedia authoring programs allow students to independently organize, analyze, interpret, develop, and evaluate on their own, with little or no guidance.

Expressing Thoughts

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Modern technology-based art forms such as; video production, graphics design and computer animation, have great appeal, and are encouraging to artistic expression amongst students. These applications provide forms of artistic communication for students who have only been exposed to the traditional options of verbal and written communication, and they increase motivation and overall creative problem-solving skills of students

Global Awareness          

Children’s path to discovery during the school days are limited to the classroom and the school environment. Technology has tools that allow students to inexpensively and conveniently reach around the world, learning first-hand. Various technologies provide up-to-date maps and demographic data, and computer-based wire services and provisions can bring a newsroom-quality stream of current events into the school with little cost

Job Opportunities

Individual who have a passion for all things tech can produce products that have value outside school environment and receive feedback on their work, and experience the rewards of publication or exhibition. Technology provides a platform of widespread audience for job opportunities and creations.


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