5 Awesome Instagram Features You Need To know

Instagram is one of the most exciting and widely used social media platforms. The platform has a user base of over 1 billion members worldwide and this number increases every day. Instagram’s large user base is mainly due to its exciting features and intriguing content.

However, there are several Instagram users out there who are not aware of some amazing features the app has to offer. These features can make the amazing Instagram experience even better and some of us are missing out on it. So, I have listed below, 4 Awesome Instagram features you totally need to know about. Check it out;

  1. Follow Hashtags

Instagram gives its users the ability to follow trending hashtags. Instead of always searching for the hashtag to see posts about it, you can just follow the hashtag. With that, highlights and posts on that trending hashtag will automatically be shown on your feed.

  1. Archive Posts

Do you have a picture you want to take down from your wall without deleting it? Instagram allows you to put your unwanted posts in an archive away from your wall. The good thing is that only you can see your archived posts, you can restore them anytime you want and you get to keep all the previous likes and comments on the post.

  1. Instagram Collections

If you happen to come across a post you love on your feed, maybe that beautiful bellanaija aso ebi style, but your phone can’t take a screenshot, don’t fret. You can simply add the post to your collection and check on it anytime you want. With IG collections, you can have different photo albums with customized names. To add a post to your collection, just tap the bookmark icon under the post and save it directly to your collections.

  1. Instagram Apps

Instagram actually has some standalone apps that make your instagramming experience more awesome. These apps include Boomerang (to make looping videos), Hypelapse (to create videos with time-lapse) and Layout (for creating amazing photo collages).

So just in case you haven’t used any of these features on Instagram, try them out today. I’m positive you’d enjoy them.



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