4 Ways You Can Turn Your Garden Into a Bee Haven


Are you an avid gardener who has seen less bees coming to your garden over the last few years? Have you heard about the vanishing bee population and what it could do to the planet?

If so, do not worry, all is not lost. Especially if you are willing to do your part by creating a bee-friendly garden. After all, a bee haven is not difficult or expensive to create.

Cultivate wild flowers —

Wildflowers provide bees with nectar, but are also some of the easiest flowers to grow, as well as far more able to repel pests. Just choose a patch of garden, plant some seeds and watch them thrive.

Grow single flower plants —

Rather than growing plants that flower with many different blooms, choose a single flower plant like daisies or certain types of dahlia.


These plants are easier for bees to pollinate as the bee can fly directly onto the flower rather than having to navigate around other blooms to get there.

Choose native flowers —

Native plants tend to be hardier. Bees love them as well. Find out which plants are native to your area and make sure they are liberally represented around your entire garden.

Water your bees —

Bees need water just like any other living thing.

Place small bowls of water around your garden then submerge small rocks in them. The water will keep visiting bees cool and quench their thirst, while the rocks will give them something to stand on so they do not fall in and drown.

Doing all these would bring more bees and you could eventually turn them to bee haven. Do you have more tips on this? Put it up on the comment box below. Thanks for reading


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