4 Very Important Body Parts That We Easily Forget

Our body is very important to us. Every year, people spend millions of naira to take good care of their bodies. This is a fact.

Another fact is that when it comes to our bodies, there are some part and organs that we focus on all the time. Parts like our face, muscular or trim build, fingers, etc., and organs like the liver, heart, lungs and brain get all the attention from us. However, there are other body parts that are just as important as the one listed above. Body organs and parts that are equally responsible for keeping us alive and well.

Many of these parts get forgotten regularly; even I am guilty of forgetting these ‘unsung heroes’ of our body. In case you are wondering what organs I’m going on about, here is a list of 4 important body organs and parts that we easily forget:

  1. The Patella

More popularly known as the ‘Kneecaps’, this body part has several important functions. First of all, it acts as a form of protection for the delicate knee joint. It also helps in the straightening of the leg. Without the kneecap, the leg would not be able to extend properly and walking might just be impossible.

  1. The Valves of The Heart

Our hearts work in a very systematic way. Each time the heart beats, it first fills with blood and then that blood is pumped out. The heart has valves that open and close with every heartbeat, helping the blood to flow smoothly and freely in one direction through the chambers of the heart and to the rest of your body.

But if a valve doesn’t open or close properly, problems can arise. The body may not get enough blood supply or, in a few cases, blood can seep back into the heart, leading to several complications.

  1. The Epiglottis

We all know that our food pipe is located in front of the throat, right beside the wind pipe. The only reason why we do not get to fit rice out of or lungs every time is due to the Epiglottis. The epiglottis is a small elastic cartilage that covers up our wind pipe any time we eat or drink. It prevents food from running into the wind pipe and choke us to death.

  1. The Diaphragm

I know that the first and last time many of us had heard about the diaphragm was back in high school biology class (Except of course you are in the medical field). This organ is a large area of muscle and fibrous tissue that separates the chest area from the abdominal area. Although the lungs tend to claim this responsibility, the diaphragm is the major muscle responsible for breathing. It also helps regulate chest pressure, so all in all, it is quite important also.



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