4 Unbelievable Plants That Don’t Need Sun


Most plants are more easier to take care of than others. Certain plants need almost constant attention, or they wither while others can be left alone for months and still grow strong.

Some plants barely even need sunlight. Keeping plants that don’t need sunlight in your house can be quite an advantage. You don’t have to worry about placing them somewhere where they’ll get enough sun throughout the day.

In fact, most of these plants prefer to be in darker places which opens up new options for decorative plant placement in your home.

In this article, we’ll look at four different plants that don’t need sunlight to survive. Take a look!

#1 Chaenomeles

Chaenomeles can survive even the harshest of cold weather conditions. They require next to no sunlight whatsoever and can be placed just about anywhere inside or outside of your home.

These plants dislike hot climates, so keeping them in the darker corners of your rooms, such as a bathroom or even the kitchen corner are excellent spots for them.

Even if Chaenomeles grow best in dark places, their flowers are still bright and beautiful. They produce a pinkish petal with yellow splotches here and there. They fit great in any well-lit house and tend to brighten up the dark corners of whatever room you place them in.

#2 Lady Ferns

Lady ferns aren’t the best to keep indoors but they can survive with or without sunlight. Lady ferns have been known to grow in the densest parts of forests where sunlight rarely if at all reaches. Regardless, these ferns grow into a pleasant green plant and survive with minimal supervision.

If you were to pace lady fern seeds anywhere in your garden and make sure they got water every couple of days or so, you’d find a strikingly brilliant fern growing there after a short time. If you are planning to keep a lady fern inside your home, we recommend hanging them on your ceiling for aesthetic properties.

#3 Cornus

Cornus has one of the best tolerances toward the dark. Cornus is one species of Dogwood and has the most spectacular set of colors throughout the year.

You can keep this plant almost anywhere, though it looks best outside in a garden. However, it also works well as a potted plant in the living room. The brilliant colors definitely improve the aesthetic of your home! You can get it from a floriculturist around you. Just talk to them and will be amazed at how beautiful this plant is.

#4 Begonias

Begonias work best in the garden or in a small pot plant garden on your patio. They shine brightly with an orange tinge yet require less than a half hour of sunlight each day. They’re very easy to look after so adding them to your home is ideal.

These are four of many different kinds of plants that need no sunlight. A lot of plants can actually grow without sun or little sunlight as seen in the forest or around our communities. They’re all beautiful. Which one do you like most?



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