4 Tips To Start A Conversation With A Stranger

Conversations are important parts of our existence in the world. The first conversation you have with someone can go a long way in affecting the way the person sees you.

Just looking at it plainly, conversations may just seem like simple throwing of words back and forth, but it can have a great significance. A simple conversation can build a relationship, or make sure there will be no relationship.

When you meet someone for the first time, it is important to start your first conversation the right way. How to do that? Here are 4 tips to do so.

  1. Start with common ground

To kick start a conversation, you can decide to begin with something common to you both. It could be the weather, your current location, the long line at the grocery store or even music. Starting a conversation on an equal wavelength with someone else could help create an instant connection.

  1. A compliment will do no harm

Passing a compliment is always a great way to start a conversation. And it works like a charm too.  However, make sure the compliment is unique, and true too. You can’t just walk up to someone looking quite rough and say “hey, nice dressing”… that’d seem quite unflattering.

  1. Ask for Opinion or Offer help

This is another great way to start a convo. Asking for someone’s opinion can make the person feel valued and find it easier to converse with you. You can also make yourself appear approachable when you offer to help someone you meet for the first time.  Try a simple

“Looks like you have a lot to carry. Do you need a hand?”

  1. Start with a joke

This never gets old. Everybody loves humor. You can get that conversation going by telling a clean, interesting joke to start with. This can help break the ice and get you both chatting away in no time.

Remember to smile too. The key to having a great conversation is by starting well. Follow these tips and thank me later!



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