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4 Steps To Cleaning Your Makeup Brush

Your makeup brushes need a bath, check out the proper way to give them one

The only task that is harder than cleaning your bedroom is washing your makeup brush. They take a long time to get all of the stored in makeup out. It’s way easier to go months and sometimes a whole year without cleaning them, because to be honest, who has that time to waste or the patience to actually waste it?

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But the thing is, not only can unwashed brushes provide you with acne-causing bacteria, but the constant use and buildup can also cause wear on the brushes bristles and ruin them for you over time. Do you want breakouts and destroyed brushes?

Then get in here

  1. Cleanse:  You can use a gentle baby shampoo by pouring just a little bit of it onto your hand and lightly swirling the wet brush around, rinsing and re-dipping until the bristles of your brushes are totally clear. What you should not do is fill up your kitchen sink and let the brushes soak. The water will damage the wood over time and also seep into the base of the bristles and loosen the glue used to hold it together.  If your makeup is really caked on or stuck on the brush, use a comb to brush through the hairs for a deeper clean.

  2. Condition: I know this is beginning to sound a bit extreme but stay with me, your brushes will thank you for it later on. Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your makeup brushes needs a little conditioning every once in a while to keep the bristles soft. Just mix a bit of olive oil with your soap to keep it from drying out. Make sure to rinse gently but thoroughly when done.

  3. Reshape: You should use your fingers to gently “squeeze” the hairs on your bush to remove excess water. All of the wetting and squeezing can alter the shape of your brush so it is important that they are reshaped before allowing them to dry out. Frayed, flared brushes will not give you the finishing that you need for that peng look.

  4. Dry: The goal of drying your brushes is to totally prevent water from getting into the glue at the base because loose glue means loose bristles, which will then result in your brushes been ruined, so don’t just leave all your brushes in a cup or on the drain and say goodbye. You should try buying a makeup brush drying rack or use a towel by folding its edges to help the brushes dry. Remember not to squeeze hard, instead lay the brushes flat on the towel with the handles up on the folded edge, so that the water runs out and down, instead of in and up toward the glue.

Well, there you have it.  Keep those brushes and they’ll treat you well.


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