4 Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Children on Social Media

Social media can be fun and informative, as well as it can be damaging.

The amount of unfiltered information one has access to across the several social media platforms can be potentially harmful to teens and children. The average teenager spends about 10 hours a day on social media, that’s about the same time spent on a full time 8-6 job. This kind of long period can give children access to all sorts of things which can greatly affect their attitude, emotions and behavior.

Even when trying to respect their privacy, it is important for children to be regularly checked on by their parents and here’s why:

  1. Inappropriate Content

This is very important for children still in their younger ages. The internet is a marketplace where absolutely everything can be found. And because children are naturally curious in nature, they can stumble upon things that may not be appropriate for them. Some of these inappropriate contents may damage your children psychologically if they are exposed to it at such young ages.

  1. Security

Children are also naturally vulnerable. They can be easily deceived by strangers online appearing friendly. It is your duty as a parent to regularly check on them and the kind of friends they have online – you can do the checking discreetly. We have heard cases of children kidnapped or hurt by apparent “friendly” people they met online. Also you monitor them and make sure they do not give out sensitive information about themselves or their families to strangers online.

  1. Pressure

Social media can put adults under metal pressure. How much more for children and teenagers? The effects of social media can make your child feel less about him/her and in turn affect him/her mentally. It’s your job to look out for your children in this regard. Watch out for them and when they show any signs of withdrawal or that something is wrong, it’s your duty to find out what it is and solve it.

  1. Cyber Bullying

This is the biggest menace on social media. Children get bullied, oppressed and made fun of on social media. This bullying can have disastrous – even fatal effects on the children. You need to monitor your children’s activity on social media to be on top of this kind of issue. So immediately you see signs of this, you can put an end to it and prevent any further damage.

Monitoring your children’s activity on social media is very important, especially when they are still in the pre-teen and early teen ages. It can help prevent several unpleasant occurrences in future. As a parent, it is your duty to protect your child and that duty doesn’t end when they start using social media.


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