4 Promising Social Media Apps That Are Now Dead

What really happened to Hi5 and MySpace?

Over the years, we have seen the steady rise of social media and its involvement in people’s lives. It will not be wrong for me to say that social media has now become one of the main aspects of our lives in this world. However, since the advent of social media platforms in the early 2000s, we have also seen many come and go. A lot of social media platforms have started up and died without really reaching the heights we expected them to reach. Some however still exist, but are now shadows of themselves. So let’s take a look at some social media apps that started out quite promising but are now dead.

  1. MySpace

This site was the most popular site back then in the day. It broke out in 2004 and gained over 1 million users in its first month of going live. It was quite similar to the Facebook we have now and at some point was the most visited site in the world. It even had more visitors that Google in 2006 in the U.S. I’m sure people my age and older will remember MySpace fondly. So what happened?

Well, MySpace was bought up by New Corps and its new owners ran it down, somehow. Now it is a shadow of itself, just existing on the internet.

  1. Hi5

This social networking app was launched in 2004. It quickly rose to become one popular social media apps in the world for people interested in dating, flirting and making new friends. Its name came from an in-app feature which gave users the chance to give their friends virtual high-fives. It was so much fun to use. But then, Facebook came along and swallowed up Hi5. And i don’t mean Facebook bought it oh. But with the launch of growth of Facebook came the downfall of Hi5. The app is still out there but it’s more or less a dead zone.

  1. Bebo

Bebo was the original home of selfies. It was the perfect social platform for teenage gossip, drama and all the frivolities that followed our younger years. However, the app also fell to the apparently evil menace called Facebook, and died a painful death. I say painful because when you consider the fact that it was initially bought from its original owners by AOL for $850 million in 2008, then sold back to those same original owners in 2013 for just $1 million, you’d feel some pain for them.

Like the others, Bebo still exists. It is somewhere out there, among the ruins of the great Atlantis. I guess…

  1. Digg

Digg was an exciting platform where users could share their photos, videos and ideas freely. It gained much popularity and was valued at a whopping $175 million in 2010. Unfortunately, some over-the-top user interface redesigning and changes led people to find the site unrecognizable. This in turn led to a massive reduction in user activity and eventually, the platform was sold in 2012 for just $500,000. It now exists as a not-so-alive blog for young professionals.

So those are my top 4 most promising social media platforms that are now dead.

Which app do you think will join them next?



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