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4 Key Elements in Acting That Help in Child Growth

4 Key Elements in Acting That Help in Child Growth

Acting isn’t about faking anything- but comes in a totally opposite form. To become a great actor, you have to live within the imaginary world of a script.

Based on the capacity of acting truthfully on stage and real life, it is easy to depict human behaviour. But how?

The first thing that needs to be examined is the motivations behind our actions. This is the way to understand why we do certain things and can truly understand ourselves and others better. Being an honest constant observer of objectives and actions, people can understand each other.

These are the principals that can help people in achieving giant goals even in non-acting fields. Even, in difficult times, it let people be more rational and happier. Here are a few lessons your kids can learn from acting classes and become able to understand their own self.

1. Dealing with EGO: There works a defence mechanism in each of us to get protection from getting hurt emotionally. Did you know the ego shoots a range a defence mechanism at a conscious level? It helps to ward off unpleasant feelings and make you feel better.

When we put too much focus on defending ourselves, we get blocked in our own self-development, and our judgement becomes clouded.

However, in the way to progress, you have to grow, learn and accept the feedback of others, whether you are right or wrong. Acting will teach your kids the difference between critiquing your performance versus critiquing the personality.

Letting go off the ego doesn’t allow people to walk over us or abuse us. So, whenever your child feels criticized, the best thing he/she can do is take a step back ask themselves if the person, who is criticizing is trying to help or hurt.

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2. Improved listening skills: In most cases, people wait for others to finish, just to say what they want to say. In acting, things won’t work in this way. Instead of preparing for what to say, listening and then reacting can make things complicated in acting. Sometimes people don’t say what they exactly want to mean, and even sometimes don’t know how to. In acting, kids have to participate in active listening that builds a strong relationship, no matter what the context is. By truly understanding what someone wants, makes us able to connect with that person.

3. Overcome the resistance: Resistance carries the negative force that holds us back, whenever, we try to move from low level to a higher level. This makes us sit down and think of how to finish and get stuff done. It eventually leads us to procrastination. In acting, where it takes quicker and deeper response, it may help your child to overcome the resistance by identifying that it exists and then create the habit to conquer it.

4. Be vulnerable: It is impossible to build up bonds with people without being vulnerable. You can’t put yourself on behalf of your child to take the constant criticism. And without a better understanding of their own self, your child can’t grow. Being vulnerable, you will feel the same way about the things others are conscious about.

Lastly, acting and reacting is one of the key factors that separate the bad and good actors. This is the skill can be developed in acting schools and help your child to respond from moment to moment once they are in the competition.


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