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4 Best Ways To Increase Your Intelligence

It works so well.


How can you enhance your IQ, so that you can achieve more in life and business?

The truth is that every human being is looking for opportunities for increase. But if you truly want to impact others and make this world a better place to live in, then you FIRST need to work on your intelligence quotient.

In this article, we want to show you the seven simple ways to actually boost your thoughts. This is very important because you’re always “what you think at every point in time.”

1. Learn and play Sudoku game


The first time we played Sudoku game, we discovered that incredible things started to happen. We could easily relate and answer complicated questions, which initially was an issue for us.

Sudoku is much more than a game. It challenges your brain cells to release its potentials and go to work.

Anyone who plays the Sudoku game with total focus is going to be intelligent.

Of course, it might not happen overnight, but it surely will if you play it with open mind. Do you want to think logically? You need to give adequate time from your leisure to play this game.

2. Do you watch TV? Please minimize it


It’s good to keep in touch with news and entertainment updates on the Television.

But excessive use of TV can sap your brain and prevent it from functioning at its normal range. Watching TV at all times can obstruct your brain cells from communicating with the walls.

We are not suggesting that you ban yourself from watching TV. All we are saying is that you should minimize it if you want to increase your IQ, in a natural way without taking pills.

Some pills that are proven to work is there in pharmacies. But natural solutions are always better.

3. Break down complex tasks

Your brain likes to work on simple tasks. That’s why human beings procrastinate a lot because the task at hand looks complicated and clouded.

To avoid this, when you set out to accomplish any goal, always break it down into simple forms. Your brain will find it palatable and digest it.

At this point, you’ll be able to think meticulously and produce better results. Make your life simpler. No matter what goal you’ve in front of you, break it down and go for it.

Your subconscious mind will automatically support you. Isn’t that the benchmark of intelligence?

4. Read more, write more


We like to take reading and writing simultaneously because both of them are powerful brain boosters. Reading opens up a new door for you.

In this tech age where smartphones & computers are beginning to replace traditional writing, you shouldn’t be discouraged in any way.

Before embarking on any project, get a pen and paper, write down your goals and turn them into a clear plan. If you don’t write them down, you really are not serious about it. You only had a wish!

Writing makes your brain to go to work. Reading makes you a leader in your field, and writing gives you the assurance that you’re at the top. That’s intelligence.

There you are, the 4 simple ways you can improve your intelligence and become a master in life. It’s easy to get started – just read through this article one more time and take action. See you at the top!



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