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30 Things that Happen to Well Dressed Women

Want to know some of the things that can happen to you when you are well dressed? Read this.

30 Things that happen to well dressed women

Think of Dressing well as that very first domino that triggers a series of positive events in your life. Looking your best is one relatively small, yet significant, self-improvement step that can serve as a force to living your most beautiful life.

In no particular order, here are a couple of things that happen to you when you start dressing well. There is no breaking down and explaining as is usually done, we are just saying it as it is.

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  1. You start reading style blogs and style books which help you become more knowledgeable about trends
  2. You adopt style inspiration and work with them to achieve good results
  3. Your posture improves because you are now aware of what you are putting on
  4. Your self-confidence increases.
  5. Good clothes make you feel good about yourself.
  6. You are happy about you and smile more.
  7. Because you smile, people smile at you more.
  8. You begin to understand the power of being a well-dressed woman
  9. People judge you to be nice as there is something about good clothes and appearing to be friendly
  10. Friends ask you for style advice and they look to you for inspirations.
  11. Random people ask you for style advice.
  12. You understand the difference between Fashion & Style.
  13. You despise clothing that doesn’t fit well and they make you cringe.
  14. You loathe clothing that is badly made or of terrible quality.
  15. Your focus shifts from quantity, to quality.
  16. You hide when you see old pictures of yourself because you cannot imagine what you were thinking.
  17. Some days you still struggle to find a decent outfit as no day is the same.
  18. People compliment you on your outfits all the time
  19. People who probably never noticed you before, start to take notice and want to start conversations.
  20. You speak better now including pronouncing your words well.
  21. You commit to staying fit thereby exercising regularly so your clothes will look good.
  22. You grow a fond appreciation for dresses and find fashionable ways to pair them.
  23. Dresses become more comfortable to wear.
  24. You become an expert at analyzing street style either good and bad and make it your mission to do so as you step out each day
  25. People expect you to be well mannered.
  26. People expect you to be smart and well spoken.
  27. People remember your name.
  28. You stop wearing flip flops except you are heading to the beach or being great at home
  29. You know your body measurements.
  30. Shopping becomes a finely tuned skill.


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