3 Of The Most Amazing Apps Developed By Nigerian Women


The argument still remains as it is, what exactly are you doing to make the issues you face disappear?

Well, these women have given all they can and still doing all it takes to create solutions to the problems they face in fun and most innovative ways.

So, grab your popcorn and may maybe a cup of water and get ready to be amazed by these great discoveries we have made on 3 of the best Apps built by Nigerian Women:

1. Cradle Count

As said by UNICEF, a woman’s chance of dying from pregnancy or childbirth in Nigeria is 1 out of 13. Many women in most rural communities still relies heavily on traditional birth attendants. The “Cradle Count” is a free mobile app on a social mission to help solve that particular problem.

An app developed by Kesandu Nwokolo, this particular pregnancy app is a packaging of all everyday tips that pregnant women can always use. From the way she lies down to the way she consume foods, about what she eats and how she exercises her body, the things she does most of the time, things to stay clear are all packaged in one App just to enable her go on the journey to the cradle, in a very safe manner. It even informs her when she’s close to due date.

2. Yoruba Watch Faces

This is built by Moyinoluwa Adeyemi. This Yoruba Watch Faces App is a collection of all Watch faces, it was built using a popular Nigerian dialect called The Yoruba language. It is the first ever watch that tells time exactly in Yoruba. Talk about innovation, This invention has a great potential to increase the interest of prospective foreign investors or visitors in Nigeria by showcasing them our rich culture.

3. Tress App

Hair, hair, hair and more hair. This particular app would serve you the best of hairstyles inspirations you need to know from across the world for the black women. The Tress App was created by a trio of hair entrepreneurs; Esther Olatunde, Priscilla Hazel and Cassandra Sarfo from Ghana. Every information you would need to get your next hair glamorous look can be found on the Tress App. They recently made it into the coveted Y Combinator Fellowship. I can categorically say that lots of great things are coming for Tress.


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