3 Funny Alarm Apps That Will Get Your Butt Out of Bed

The third one would scare off your bed


Some times ago when many items would littered my nightstand. There was a lamp then, a stack of comic books I had every intention of reading all of them, even a landline phone for those night calls that wake one with dread head.

Also, an old back scratchier, that let you wake up at the preferred time.

Today those items are all gone. The back scratcher has also being replaced. They have been replaced by the use of an iPhone and its lot of apps to always keep me busy, including those app that has turned my smartphone into a futuristic alarm clock.

Amid all these collections for iOS and Android, whether it is a phone or tablet-sized, features can vary vividly. But one sure thing is that, they all tell the time and get your butt out of bed just in time in the morning. Or after you have a nap. Some of the App do it gently, some do it so harshly in a way that will frustrate you, some do it with new-age digital special effects, and some always make you work to wake. Whatever your waking needs, you will always find them here.

  • Rise Alarm Clock( iOS):


This lovely app isn’t about just making you feel jangled in the morning. This multi-lingual great app bills itself as “work of art to wakes you up.” It’s lovely, minimalist settings require just a swiping up and down and left and right depends on how you want it, but it’s also filled with much soothing alarm sounds with names like the Grandma’s Clock, the Gentle Chimes, and a Jungle Morning. You can also wake to any of your songs stored in iTunes.

  • Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer (Android)


Have you ever heard of those apps that won’t let you drunk and text someone until you solve some math issues to prove you are a bit sober? That is one option of the App “Alarm Clock Xtreme,” which always aims to stop excessive use of the snooze option every time. It will even decrease those frustrating time between snoozes. It could wake you gently with gradually growing volume if you wish. Hitting on the snooze can involve a bit shake, side buttons, pushing your screen, or the previously mentioned math solving. This app comes with a sleep tracker also, stopwatch, and timer option.

  • Alarm Clock for Me (iOS or Android)



Alarm Clock for Me App believes much in customization, it offers lovely themes for the look of the digits, with names that sound like Ultrasonic, Retro, Digital, Odometer, and the C-Motion Clock. On luncing the application, it will always ask for Location services on your phone to be turned on, so it can also offer you all weather updates.

Inside this app is the full set of clock alarm options like using your very own song and optional snooze options, plus a sleep timer that comes with it for cutting off your music as you start to do the snooze, a timer, and a “shake to turn on” flashlight option. Unlike some other mentioned alarm clock apps, this particular one supports background alert so that you will get an alarm even if it is not running all the night.

Do you also know more apps that does this task? Put it in the comment below. Thanks for reading


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