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25 Simple Changes You Can Adopt To Become More Happier in Life

It sure works all the time and would help you.


Life isn’t as easy as you might think but you can sure make it happier for yourself and people around you. These 25 tips can help smooth your life if adopted.

Now, let’s get to business

1. Always set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier. Always select to wake up to your favorite music. Enjoy your tea in a very special mug. This would set off your day in a whole different level.

2. Do write down your intention for the day; Like, “Today I choose to be so happy,” “Today I choose to stay calm throughout,” you sure get the idea and understand what i am trying to say.

3. Try to accomplish one small goal to always set off your day in the very right direction

4. Take on a challenge by reading at least a book.

5. Start smaller, by organizing your personal desk drawer.

6. Keep your body and brain hydrated; get a water bottle for yourself and aim at finishing it by every lunchtime. If necessary, Refill it.

7. Keep a gratitude journal or note and jot down three things that went well or were positive every blessed day.

8. Always go out for a 15-minute walk.

9. D follow positive people on social medias.

10. Try to compliment a friend.

11. Cook a very healthy dish for dinner; try a different cuisine always.

12. Try Listen to some relaxing music on a daily basis.

13. Listen to radio on subjects that interest you.

14. Find yourself a new hobby.


15. Start a collection for yourself.

16. Choose yourself an art poster and hang it on your living room wall.

17. Please choose to wear all accessories that make you feel good.

18. Try and make a positive affirmation that always works for you and keep repeating them daily. You can chose what you become.

19. Write down your favorite quote on a note or a piece of cardboard and stick it on your bathroom mirror.

20. Use an inspirational quote as a screen saver on your phone; or set your gadget to remind you of it several times during your day.

23. Make a playlist for yourself of ten happy music you like most. Try and Listen to them at least once in the day.

24. Commit to always explore one new idea or do one new thing.

25. Try to remind yourself that you control how you feel by repeating every time. Like, “I’m in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.” After all happiness is free.

Last but not the least, remind yourself this simple piece: “I truly and deeply love and appreciate myself and I have invested in my personal development.” You will sure see that sky is your limit.


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