21 Funny Advises That Will Make Your Day a Better One.

Number 16 is so hilarious


Since you think you are old and bold enough to open this article, it means you are big enough to see all the advises that is in it .

This list of advises is surely not something to take seriously. But there sure some lessons to learn.

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest advice ever given:

1. If you do not know where your children are in the House, Just turn off the Internet

Wi-Fi and Watch Them Magically Appear (and when they come out, you will begin dey hear something like; Heat dey this house oo)

2. If You Attempt to Rob a Bank, You Will Have No Trouble with Rent or Bills for at least the Next Ten Years, Whether You Are Successful or Not.

3. Ladies, if a man tell you he will fix something, he will. There is no point in telling him about it every 3 months.

4. Men, Do not leave your Wife’s Hand at the Mall or a supermarket, Because She Will Start Shopping.

5. Marry Someone Who Has a Different Favorite Cereal than You do So They Will not finish all of Yours.

6. You surely Know You are Ugly when You Get Handed the Camera Every Time They Make a Group Photo.

7. Do not Grow Up, It is a Trap.

8. Treat Every issue as Your Dog Would.
If you can not eat it, just walk away

9. Eat Whatever You Want anytime, and if Someone Calls You Fat, Eat Them Too

10. Always Give 100% with Whatever You Do in life, Unless You are Donating Blood.

11. Do not Give Up on Your Dream, Just Keep Sleeping.


12. When you find out nothing goes Right, My guy, Go Left.

13. Human Hearts are wild creatures. This is why our ribs are the cages.

14. An Advice, Never Run from an Overweight Policeman, He is Likely to Shoot Than to give you a chase.

15. Only Trust People with Big hips
They can’t lie.

16. In a Nigerian Barbershop with Two Barbers, Choose the Barber with the Worst Haircut.

17. Never Use Your Favorite Music as an Alarm
You will begin to hate it.

20. Don’t think of yourself as a very ugly person. Think of yourself as a very beautiful monkey.

21. Instead of getting an headset, Buy a Stethoscope
So you can listen to your heart.

Do you have more of these? Let us read them in the comment box below. Thanks


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