#2019: 6 Best Tips For Good Parenting This New Year


With the New Year running, it is time to reflect on all that went on during the year. Our parenting style, our children behavior and many more.

Was our parenting style as effective as we hoped? Did our children behave in ways we expected them to behave? Did we spend quality time with our children?

These are just some of the many important questions that we parents can ask ourselves. If you feel that you will like to make some changes in the new year, the following useful parenting tips can help you get started.

1. Listen more
It’s not likely that you can multitask. Parents who claim they can do different things and at the same time focus on what their child is saying, may be lying to themselves.

It is much better to stop whatever you are doing when your children need you. Give them your utmost attention, listen to what they have to say and forget about everything else.

When parents listen well to their children, they not only make them more confident speakers, they make them better listeners, too.

2. Stay optimistic
No electricity, increase in school fees, every day traffic, rising cost of living are just some of the many issues that Nigerian parents may face.

However, no matter how bleak the future looks, parents should always stay optimistic. We should never ever give up hope because our children are counting on us.

3. Be a role model
Like we all know, parents are child’s first teacher and role model.

Children do learn how to behave by seeing how their mothers or fathers behave and following their way and examples. It is one thing to talk and it is another to act. Let your words model your actions.

Being a positive role model is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do for your child.

4. Take more photos
Our children are only young once and taking pictures allows us relive precious moments. Make sure you always have a camera on hand to capture those candid moments. So you could see them at a later time.

Always live life and do capture as much picture as you can!

5. Read more with your children
Reading to children has many benefits. For example reading is one of the best ways to develop bonds with your children and children who are exposed to reading are much more likely to choose books over games, TV, and all other forms of entertainment as they grow.

6. Play with your children more

Don’t underestimate the value of play. Playing with your children will help them grow emotionally.

Because time is precious to both you and your child, your willingness to give your time to him or her sends a message that; ‘You are important’.

Also as the old adage goes, “The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.” The more time you spend with your children, the more you will be able to influence them positively.

Even if you have never read to your child, its not too late to start. You can spend 10 minutes at night, reading a story book to your child. Its is not the amount of time we spend, but the quality of time spent.



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