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20 Questions to Get to Know Your Partners Family and Friends Better

20 Questions to Get to Know Your Partners Family and Friends Better

Taking your time to learn more about your partners family and friends is a great way of communicating your commitments in the relationship. If you seem lost or short of questions to start with;

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Here are 20 questions to get to know your partners family and friends:

1.      How do you feel about the way your parents raised you? What were their highs and lows?

2.      Do you have a hard time letting friendships die when you discover you have little or nothing in common?

3.      Do you feel comfortable with your family as to permit them drop by unexpectedly?

4.      If your family didn’t like the person you’re dating and voiced it to you, would you still date the person or listen to them?

5.      In what way do you think your parents could choose a better partner for you than you could?

6.      What family traditions did you grow up with? Would you like your children to continue them?

7.      How strong/powerful is peer pressure to you as a person? Did you have problems with peer pressure in your earlier years?

8.      What’s the biggest fight you’ve had with a friend? How did the fight effect your relationship?

9.      What is the most important thing you learned from your parents? What ae other things they taught you?

10.  Do you consider yourself a good influence on your friends or do you think they need you to be a good influence on them?

11.  Have you ever had to deal with conflicts and hard times in your family? How did you overcome them?

12.  Can you say no to your parents when they want you to do something you would prefer not to?

13.  When you get married, do you think there would be any changes in your social circle? Which friendship do you think you would let go and which ones would you add?

14.  Early in the relationship, how strongly do you consider your friends and friends and family’s opinions to whether you should continue seeing someone?

15.  Are you currently satisfied with the quality and quantity of friends you have? Why or why not?

16.  When you are in a serious relationship, do you tend to ignore your friends? Have you ever had friends that get married and suddenly lose contact with their single friends?

17.  What are the positive and negative things that you have observed from looking at your parents’ marriage?

18.  Which of your friends is the most successful? Would you like to attain the same level of success?

19.  Do you think it is risky or unhealthy for your partner to have a best friend of the opposite sex? Why do you say so?

20.  What makes the difference between a good husband and a great husband? A good wife and a great wife?


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