2 of The Silly Reasons Gamers Don’t Want PS5 Announced This Year


There are many people in Nigeria or part of the world that always freak out when they hear anything about the PlayStation, especially the Play station 5. This is not because the Play Station 5 is a monster in shape, but for their selfish reasons.

However, it is clear that Sony Inc. will release the PlayStation 5 in the first quarter of this year, with a rumored availability for purchase in 2019. The leading game company will want to go past the Xbox Two or whatever it is called by releasing theirs first to gather adequate early buyers of next generation gamer.

Nevertheless, some of the Sony fanboys sure don’t want a Play Station 5 to be released anytime soon because the obvious lead the PlayStation 4 has over the Xbox One moisturizes their personal ego, they are unable to understand what will become of them when Sony kick starts a very new generation without the unassailable lead.

There are guys who bought the PS4 last year, screaming and wailing that the Play Station 5 must be released in 2022, to give them an extended time in enjoying that particular model before rolling out another new console.

Very Hilarious!

As if it is anybody’s fault that they did not jump in the bandwagon when the Play Station 4 was launched last year. Nobody will never be permitted to drag anyone backwards here. We must always go forward and this isn’t an exemption.

Sad news for them is that the Play Station 4 did not actually release in 2018, but the past year and there are millions of people who bought the console then at the official launch. For majority of these people, the Play Station 4 is sure dated! The game needs an upgrade.

These sets of people must brace up for what is coming to them in 2019. A lot of video game development companies are preparing to make this year count by releasing mouth watering upgrades to their recently developed ones. Or simply different games for their fan boys.

The Play Station 5 would be announced in the upcoming months according to some insiders with a full reveal of the console later in the year. There is sure a possibility that they can release the system in November 2019, but  March or November next year official launch is more probable.

Although Sony group should launch in 2019 like they normally do every year as it will benefit them greatly. In addition, most of the remaining upcoming “flagship titles” with inclusion of “The Last of Us Part II”, “Ghost of Tsushima” and “The Death Stranding” would likely be introduced again as a cross-gen and launch alongside their new system.

For now, nobody is so sure about the release date as we are only contemplating on some of the tech news read and what is going viral on most of the internet platforms.

The Play Station 5 surely has to be launched and there is no better time than this year. If our sources are accurate, and with the series of all the events happening at Sony camp, it is safe to say that the Play Station 5 official launch is just some months away. Get ready!


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