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18 Books Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Everyone Should Read

18 Books Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Everyone Should Read

A pioneer of social media, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook inside his Harvard dorm room at the age of 23. Today, Facebook has come a long way from being just a simple school social networking site to a platform that connects millions of people around the world.

He’s one of the wealthiest men alive and has been ranked 10th on Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People. This, coupled with the fact that he has faced several scandals in recent times and still pulled through, makes him a great inspiration.

Despite his busy schedule, Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to reading a book every two weeks.

In 2015, he announced a reading challenge on his Facebook page:

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“My challenge for 2015 is to read a new book every other week — with an emphasis on learning about different cultures , beliefs, histories, and technologies.

Thank you to all 50,000 of you in our community who gave me suggestions for different challenges.

I’m excited for my reading challenge. I’ve found reading books very intellectually fulfilling. Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today. I’m looking forward to shifting more of my diet towards reading books,” he said.

Below are a list of books Mark suggested during the challenge.

1. Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson

2. The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley

3. World Order by Henry Kissinger

4. ‘Portfolios of the Poor’ by Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford, and Orlanda Ruthven

5. Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

6. The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

7. Dealing with China by Henry M Paulson Jr

8. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

9. The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch

10. The Idea Factory by Jon Gertner

11. The Player of Games by Iain M Banks

12. The Muqaddimah by Ibn Khaldun

13. The End of Power’ by Moisés Naím

14. On Immunity by Eula Biss

15. The Three-Body Problem A Novel by Liu Cixin

16. Genome by Matt Ridley

17.The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James

18.The Better Angels of Our Nature’ by Steven Pinker


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