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18 Amazing Facts To Kick Start Your Easter Weekend

18 Amazing Facts To Kick Start Your Easter Weekend

As we kick off the Easter festivities, let’s relax with some pretty amazing facts. Take a look!

  • Facebook shut down a pair of its artificial intelligence robots, nicknamed Alice and Bob, after they started talking to each other in their own language. Imagine!

  • The pleasant scent that lingers when rain breaks a period of hot, dry weather is called ‘Petrichor’.

  • Ray-Bans are called ‘Ray-Bans’ because they ban rays of sun from your eyes. Smart thinking guys!

  • Believe it or not, the late Steve Jobs never wrote a single piece of programming code during his career at Apple.

  • Mosquitoes do not just bite you, they pee on you too – Scientists


  • There is a fear of being forgotten or ignored by friends, colleagues and family. It’s called “Athazagoraphobia”.

  • According to language specialists, cows moo with different accents depending on where they’re from.

  • In 2013, a pig in Australia stole and drank 18 beers from a campsite. Then the wild animal went on an amazing drunken spree, terrorizing the locals and eventually getting into a fight with a cow. Alcoholic!

  • Iceland is the only country in the world that has no mosquitoes.

  • Just so you know; the calendar for 2017 is exactly the same for the following years: 2023, 2034, 2045, 2051, 2062, 2073, 2079, 2090, 2102 and 2113.


  • Lawrence Ripple, a 70-year-old man, once robbed a Kansas City bank of $3000 dollars. But rather than running from the crime scene he waited in the bank’s lobby for police to arrive. He later stated that he preferred to go to jail than go home to his wife.

  • Check this! Multiply 259 x your age x 39. Try it, the answer is quite amazing!

  • On April 18, 1930, “there was no news” to cast at the start of a BBC radio news report. So they simply announced that there was no news and played 15 minutes of piano music.

  • In 2013, a Texas man staged his own gun-point kidnapping in front of his wife just so he could go out drinking with his friends. Talk about a real family man!

  • In Sweden, you get thank  you message anytime your donated blood is used to save a life.

  • You can actually hate sound. It is called “Misophonia”. It can get real bad when people make other sounds when eating, typing or even breathing.

  • In Panama, you can see the sun rise on the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Snapchat, the online messaging app which we have come to know and love, was originally called ‘Picaboo’. It was designed to share explicit, self-deleting photos.

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