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9 Common Mistakes Women Make While Buying a Bra

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Many women overlook the importance of buying the right bra for themselves. They walk into a store and check out the variety of designs and styles available for them. What they fail to realize is that bra buying is more than the style, lace, underwire, pads, material, etc. It has to be done with awareness and knowledge.

This post will look at the prime mistakes that women make when it comes to buying underwear and getting the right fit and comfort for their bras.

The following are the common mistakes women make while buying a new bra:

1. Cup Size- Most women do not even know it, but the bra they are wearing now might be of the wrong size. The cup of the bra should contain the whole breast tissue, and there should be no bulges or spillage. You should also check the sizes of your armpits when you are wearing your bra. Make sure everything is inside, and there are spills.

2. Are you wearing the right band size? Check the band size with two fingers of your hand between the band of the bra and your back. You should be able to slip two fingers underneath the band and your back. In case, you cannot slide two fingers between the back and the band; you are wearing a bra that is too tight. If your fingers easily slide between the back and the band and there is still some space remaining, your bra is too loose.

3. A sports bra is not a one-size bra that fits everyone- Note, sports bra does not mean that it is a one-sized bra that fits everyone. You must take the correct measurements here as well if you wish to sport a sports bra for daily or gym wear.

4. Fitting does not mean the tightest clasp- When you are buying a bra, a good fit does not mean the tightest clasp. When you are testing a new bra before you buy it, go into the dressing room and fasten the clasp that is the farthest. It should give you the right fit. With time, your bra will become loose, and this is when the tightest clasp needs to be used for getting the fit and comfort you deserve.

5. Check the straps of the bra- Never invest in a bra that has a strap that is too tight or too loose. You should try on the bra and adjust the strap to check the bra. Your breasts should stay in the middle of the shoulder and elbow. In case, after adjusting the straps of your bra, the breasts sag, you need to change and get the right size. For women that have very large busts, it is prudent to get a bra strap that has a wide strap. These wide straps will hold your breasts firmly, and you get the support you need.


6. Get the right clothes for your bra- Remember, your bra is not a standalone piece of clothing and so you need to buy the right clothes for it too. Make sure that you buy the right bra for the clothes you have in your wardrobe. So, when you are wearing a high collared top or loose- fitting clothes, ensure that you have the right bra for the dress or top.

7. Seamless bras- When it comes to seamless bras, it is prudent not to wear them every day. Seamless bras do look good under your tops however the seams in the bra give shape and support to the breast tissue. Choose them for occasional wear and not daily wear.

8. Check the underwire quality- No one likes to buy a bra with underwire that pokes or protrudes the skin. They do not make you feel comfortable. If the metal of the bra brutally stabs into your skin, this means you have purchased a bra with small cup size. Immediately change it and get into a bra that is soft and more comfortable.

9. Do not wear a bra for more than two days- Yes, hygiene is a factor, and you should not wear a bra for more than two days. If you wear the same bra for two days, you will compromise on its elasticity.

Therefore, when you are investing in a bra, make sure you do not commit the above mistakes while shopping for a new bra. In case of weight gain and weight loss, you should always measure yourself again. The bra should have the right fit so that it feels comfortable and gives your breasts the support you need. Buy bras from good quality stores.


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