15 Simple Hacks That Will Make Your Kitchen Experience A Pleasurable One

15 Simple Kitchen Hacks I Bet You Never Knew About

Making a meal can be a beautiful experience, especially when such meals turn out really well. However, we cannot deny the fact that sometimes some mishaps happen in the kitchen and they make you wish you had a quick way to make them go away.

This list will help you with ideas on what to do when next you get into a situation like that. You also get to see simple hacks on how make the whole cooking process way easier and faster. Let’s get on with it then!

  • Left over pancakes: You do not have to throw left over pancakes away. Just store them in an airtight plastic bag, then microwave them whenever you want one.

  • Nourish Your Garden: Do you have a garden? Here’s how to give your plants extra nutrients. After boiling your pasta and potatoes, do not get rid of the water. Let it cool and pour it into your garden.
  • Make Your Bananas Stay Fresh: To make this happen, separate them from the bunch. Do not let them stay together. Wrap the end of the bunch with plastic wrap. This will block the release of ethylene gas from the stem

  • Keep Vodka Handy:Vodka will help you keep your kitchen and kitchen equipment clean and contamination free.


  • You Want Crunchy Potatoes? Sprinkle flour on the body while cooking. The back will turn out crunchy.


  • Did You Take Something Too Spicy? Get a lime, slice in two and suck the juice. The pain will definitely subside. You should try it.

  • Your Honey is all coagulated? You need not throw it away. Put the jar in a glass of hot boiling water and watch it become runny again.


  • Make Burns Feel Better: Do you have a burn? Onion to the rescue! Rub freshly cut onion on your burn to prevent it from forming blisters.

  • Coffee Grounds: It is certain that most waste products from the kitchen still have other uses; coffee grounds are no exception. You can sprinkle them on your tomato plants to make them grow better.


  • Peel the Back of your Potatoes Without Stress: Just boil the potatoes and dip them in cold water. The skin will separate from the center, making it easy for you to take them off.

  • Preserve Your leftover cakes: Do you have a left over cake from the day before? Here’s how to keep it fresh. Place a slice of bread to the exposed portions and secure with toothpicks. The cake’s moisture will be held in by the bread.


  • How To Preserve Herbs For Later: Use ice-cube tray to keep fresh chopped herbs frozen in water, add olive oil and stock so it can be used later as a seasoning agent.


  • To Make Eggshell Removal Easier: Add vinegar or even baking soda to the water when boiling the egg. Works like magic.

  • Get Your Fruits and Veggies Clean: Scrub your fruits with a mixture of baking soda and water. This will remove the dirt, germs and pesticides.

Way to make cooking easier don’t you think?


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