15 Signs You’ve Got Style!

Do you doubt your fashion sense? Do you think you still have little knowledge about pairing colours and accessories?

These will show if you’ve got a great fashion sense!


  1. You can look at a good piece of clothing and think of at least three ways to wear it almost instantly

When you visit the mall and you’re searching for pieces of clothing to buy, you see a piece of clothing and in the flick of a minute, you can think of at least three ways to instantly wear it…

Or you see no point in buying it!


  1. Your mother hates your clothes

Surprisingly, if your mother hates your clothes, then you’ve got the style. You should actually be worried if she loves them.


  1. You laugh in the face of fashion dos and don’ts

Because you know the rules and you know that most times, they are actually wrong!


  1. Your boyfriend doesn’t get what you’re wearing

You just smile when he says that he doesn’t get what you’re wearing because you know that he can’t understand your taste of fashion!


  1. You don’t jump on every trend because you know what’s your style and what isn’t

You don’t get fascinated by every trend just because people are wearing them. This is because you know your style and know that goes best for you. Sometimes, you feel like you’re the only person who hasn’t worn an animal-print dress.


  1. You can walk into the worst store and find the one good thing they have

You don’t have a problem with picking nice kinds of stuffs, even in the ugliest of stores. You can actually walk right into a bad store and pick the one good thing they have.


  1. People constantly want to know where you bought what you’re wearing

You always appear trendy and glamorous and people will often stop to compliment your clothing and inquire where you bought what you’re wearing. But they are surprised that you’re putting on the dress of a cheap designer because they expect your clothes to be more expensive than they are.


  1. You would rather be in pain than in a bad outfit

You don’t mind to withstand some pains in a nice outfit than wear a bad outfit. You would prefer that your high-heeled shoes pinch your feet than for you to wear a pair of slippers to an evening party.


  1. When you do something on a whim, it tends to work for you

You can try on totally anything without having any regrets afterwards. Example, you can dye your hair purple and still look very stylish and unique!


  1. When you help your friends pick out clothes for any occasion, they always look amazing

You are the best person to pick out clothes for friends because they always look glamorous for any occasion. So they call you every day to come to dress them.


  1. You can make anything work

You have the hands to pair pieces of fabrics and make them look like your dress! With you, any form of clothes can work!


  1. Your friends cannot wait to clean out your closet

Because your wardrobe is like a shopping complex and the clothes are also fashionable and trendy. Your friends can hardly wait to clean out your closet.


  1. You have a photographic memory of cool outfits you see on random girls and can recreate them for yourself without having to go out and buy the exact same stuff

That’s because of your unique taste for fashion! It takes little effort for you to recollect the outfits you see on some ladies.


  1. Friends text you photos from the dressing room to see if you like what they are about to buy

Your friends wait anxiously for your feedback because they know that you will offer them the best advice on the best outfits to choose from the dressing room.


If you have any of these qualities…then congratulations! You’ve got style!



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