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15 Questions to Know if Your Partner is Going To Be a Great Home-Maker

15 Questions to Know if Your Partner is Going To Be a Great Home-Maker

Dating someone and living with someone can be two completely different experiences. It is best to know of your partner’s potentially irritating habits before you get married and move in together. Visiting his or her home and asking them lots of questions will give you a great idea for what is in store. These are some fun and exciting questions to ask.

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Here are 15 questions to know if your partner is going to be a great home-maker:

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  1. Where do you think you would be most comfortable living? Why do you say so?
  2. When you get married, what would be the bare minimum you expect in a home?
  3. Are there chores or duties that you don’t think you would do in a marriage? Why wouldn’t you do them?
  4. Do you keep things that have no real use and will probably never been used again? Would you be willing to throw out or let your partner help go through your junk if it began to be an issue?
  5. Do you like to have chores scheduled or just do them when the need arises? How do you feel about redecorating without first consulting you?
  6. Have you ever hired a house help or cleaning service? Do you think they are a waste of money or money well spent?
  7. Do you usually like to listen to music around the house? What kind of music and how loud?
  8. How clean is your house? Do you usually put things back where they belong soon after you use them?
  9. Would it bother you if I walked around the house naked?
  10. Do you snore? Has there been any complaints about your sleeping habits?
  11. Can you describe your getting ready for work and your getting ready for bed ritual?
  12. In your opinion, how often do you think a bathroom needs to be cleaned? Have you ever cleaned a toilet?
  13. After you have used a towel, where do you put it? How often do you feel that towels should be replaced with fresh ones? Would you want to share your partners towel or have your own?
  14. What chore do you most detest? Why do you say?
  15. Do you make your bed every day? Does it bother you if it is left unmade?


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