15 Interesting Facts About Mongooses

Mongooses are agile, very fast, and have thick coats.These features make them efficient at dodging the attacks of snakes and killing them.

Mongooses are weasel-like creatures found mainly in Europe, Asia, and Africa. They are hardly endangered because they can live in rocky areas, forests, and semi-aquatic areas, making them adaptable. From how good they are at defending themselves to the large animals they contend with, learn 12 more interesting facts about mongooses.

1. Mongooses are the primary foe of snakes. They’ve become resistant to the snake’s venom and they can survive more than one snake bite in their lifetime.

2. Mongooses are agile, very fast, and have thick coats.These features make them efficient at dodging the attacks of snakes and killing them.

3. They live in burrows but they rarely dig them themselves. They instead move into burrows abandoned by other animals.

4. They warn themselves of impending danger by producing alarm calls. Once a mongoose starts making its alarm call, they all rush into the nearest burrow for safety.

5. Mongooses are carnivores. Their diet consists of rodents, birds, frogs, insects, and snakes.

6. There are 34 species of mongoose. While some of them are solitary, others live in groups called “packs”.

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7. Mongoose have very sharp claws which they use to protect their young. They use these claws to fight off predators.

8. Mongoose are carriers of rabies and leptospirosis, both, which can be passed on to humans and pets.

9. Asides from snakes, Mongooses also have hawks, marabou storks, leopards, and jackals to contend with. While smaller snakes will kill mongooses to protect themselves, larger snakes like pythons actually eat mongooses. Marabou Storks prey on Mongoose pups and can swallow them whole. However, a pack of mongoose is relentless and will protect their young by biting and hissing at these predators.

10. A group of mongoose is either called “pack”, “gang”, or “mob”. There can be up to 50 members in a pack or mob.

11. Mongooses have a lifespan of around 20 years in captivity but can live for up to 6-10 years in the wild.

12. They are native to Europe, Asia, Fiji, Africa, and some parts of Spain, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

13. Depending on the species, mongooses can measure around 20-70 cm in length and weigh between 0.3-4kg.

14. Mongooses are omnivores. They feed on a variety of animals including snakes, insects, frogs, seeds, eggs, nuts, worms, small rodents, lizards, birds, crabs, and fruit.

15. These feisty animals are quite good at defending themselves. Here is an amazing video of on one mongoose scaring off four lions!


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