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15 Fun Facts About Phones You Should Know

Learn fun facts about your mobile phone.

Don't replace your faulty smartphone with a new one until you read what is in this article

Can you imagine your life today without your handy assistant. The introduction of mobile phones has improved the productivity of man and as newer technologies are introduced daily, we are bound to learn something new.

Here are 15 fun facts about phones you need to know:

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  1. Did you know that about 8 out of 10 sold mobile phones in the market are from Nokia.
  2. During the production of the mega movie “Avatar”, James Cameron would nail the films crew phones to a wall with a nail gun. This was as a retaliation for the unwanted ringing during filming.
  3. About 60% of revenues in mobile games come from about 0.23% of players.
  4. The first phone call ever made on a cellular phone was from an engineer calling a rival engineer to brag about his accomplishment.
  5. WhatsApp founder, Brian Acton was turned down by Facebook for a job. They later bought his App for 19 Billion Dollars.
  6. Steve Wozniak, a famous collector of phone numbers, acquired the number 888-8888 for his cell phone. It proved unusable as babies playing with phones kept calling it.
  7. Popular phone brand, Apple, spends about $236 to make each iPhone 6s Plus device, which sells for times three that value. A 64 GB iPhone costs Apple about $17 more to make than a 16 GB one. Apple charges iPhone buyers $100 more for the increased memory.
  8. After Nokia’s drop in sales, the mobile games “Angry Bird” and “Clash of Clans” have helped in rejuvenating Finland’s economy.
  9. After the completion of an 11 years research, cell phones were found not to increase the chances of getting cancer.
  10. The mobile game, Clash of Clans, generates more than $2 Million per day and in three years is valued at more than $3 Billion.
  11. Did you know in Japan, mobile phones camera shutter sound cannot be muted.
  12. About 16% of mobile phones are contaminated with E. Coli bacteria from fecal matter.
  13. 90 to 95% of the mobile phones in Japan are waterproof because teenage girls are so fond of using their mobile phones in the shower.
  14. According to a report by the United Nations, 64% of the world’s population have access to a toilet, while a whooping 86% have access to a mobile phone.
  15. In 2012 iPhone makers, Apple, sold more than 340,000 iPhone’s per day, that is about 4 iPhone’s per second.


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