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15 Cool Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard About Kangaroos

15 Cool Facts You've Probably Never Heard About Kangaroos

Did you know? Kangaroos outnumber humans in Australia. YES! As a result, they are an icon of Australia and appear on the coat of arms, stamps, aeroplanes, and coins.

1. Kangaroos are the only large animals whose primary method of locomotion is hopping. They are able to hop over long distances in their quest for food and water. Interestingly, they can’t hop backwards. They are good at swimming and can only move their legs independently when in water.

2. Male Kangaroos flex their biceps to attract the females. In fact, male Kangaroos with the biggest biceps tend to have more success in mating.

3. They have an interesting mode of defence. When pursued, they retreat to bodies of water in order to overpower their pursuers and drown them

4. Female Kangaroos are very deliberate about their offsprings. They can determine the sex of their young. They would also delay gestation if environmental factors do not favour the chances of their young surviving.

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5. Kangaroos outnumber humans in Australia. As a result, they are an icon of Australia and appear on the coat of arms, stamps, aeroplanes, and coins.

6. Kangaroos have a strong sense of hearing. They can move their ears in various directions without moving the rest of their head.

7. They are social animals which stay in groups. Their groups range from as few as 3 or 4 Kangaroos to as many as 100.

8. Kangaroos chokehold each other when fighting.

10. Although Australia is the “land of Kangaroos.”, Tasmania and New Guinea are other places you can find them. They are also found sparingly in America, Europe, and France.

11. In Australia, there are more people killed by Kangaroos than by Sharks.

12. Kangaroos don’t sweat, rather they lick their paws and rub them on their chest to cool down.

13. Kangaroo meat is considered as healthy meat in Australia. It is eaten as a healthy alternative to beef or lamb and can be purchased from the market or butcher’s shop. On top of that, they are available on restaurant menus.

14. Interestingly, Scientists have discovered the fossils of an ancient Kangaroo-eating fish. This fish had wolf-like fangs and walked the earth more than 10 million years ago.

15. In 2016, a video of an Australian man saving his dog from the clutch of a Kangaroo went viral. In order to free his dog, the man wound up punching the Kangaroo on the face in a hilarious manner. You can watch the video below:


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