13 Probable Lies Everyone Tells on Daily Basis

Number happens almost to everyone


Let us face it straight! We are all liars. Every now and then it is a very big lie that involves a deliberate deceit and much planning, like calling in sick to work, complete with some convincing cough and congestion that you developed almost immediately.

But most of the time, these are just inconsequential fibs that we tell to avoid hurting someone else feelings, to try and get on with our day, or to make our stories more interesting.

We sure tweak the truth daily, if not every minutes – and so much that we may not realize we are doing so. With all these in mind, here are some of the most common things many people lie or have lied about. You might probably recognize a few on this list that you told this morning.

1. I am almost there
Or “I am five minutes away” or “I am just around the block.” You sure know you are not almost there. it is going to be at least a half an hour until you get to where your friends or family are waiting for you, but you still have to fudge the truth.

2. It must have gone to my SPAM folder
You saw the email when it came in into your inbox, you may have even opened and view it, and then decided to deal with it later. In fact, you did not do a thing with it. But when the sender or your boss asks you about it, perhaps some weeks or months later, you had to give some excuse for why you did not do anything with the email. So SPAM it was. You have lied.

3. My phone died
When you get texts from two different friends or family member suggesting different plans and can not make a decision on their own about which you’d like to do, this is a very convenient way of lying and to get out of making any choice at all. You will just ignore both of them and send along this text the following morning. Haven’t you lied?

4. Let us do just one more
Yeah, right. we are talking about sex. We know you mean “five more.”

5. I am almost finished
You have not even started. So we know you just lied.

6. It is so great to see you
You have not seen this person for months and if it was up to you, it would be like years more before you actually saw them again. But now you bumped into them at a cocktail party or at the market and now you have to act as if you have been trying very hard to see them in that time. Admit it, It is really not that great to see them.

7. I have slept with ___ people
Depending on your personal history. My brother, that number is either wildly inflated or a very massive understatement. But either way, you are no doubt full of lie.

8. I have read/seen that a while ago
This is common and favorite when a friend mentions a book or movie you probably should have read or watch by now, but you haven’t got around to it or didn’t even know it exists. Instead of you to admit you haven’t seen or read it, You will then ask the silly question: “so you haven’t read/seen that yet?” You have just lied.

9. I remember you
The person you were just introduced to by someone certainly seems to remember you. They would even name your mutual friends and the particular party where you first met. But you got no idea who they are really and are not about to admit it, so you smile then shake them again and warmly recall meeting them before.

10. I am having trouble hearing you
If you do not like where a conversation is going on the phone, bad reception of network is the perfect culprit in this case. There might be a very slight bit of static on the other line or a little break in the conversation audio, but you could really hear what the other person was saying if you wanted to.

11. It is not you, it is me

Let us be honest here, it is you.

12. I’m fine
Can always be said in a similar tone as “Good, how are you?” but more likely, you will say it in that passive and aggressive way when you are trying to convey that you aren’t fine to your partner or someone at your work place who is annoying you.

13. Traffic Today was Terrific
You have probably driven that route many times, at rush hour or at off-peak times, and you have a good idea of how long it will take to get from a place to another. Yet you did not leave your place of work or where you live until 15 minutes you were supposed to be somewhere you sure knew that would take at least 40 minutes to get to, but always blame the gods of traffic for your own error. We know right through your game!
You just lied.


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