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12 Things You Should Do If You Want To Travel Alone

Travelling alone? Here are 12 things you should do

Do you want to travel alone?


Travelling alone means you travel on your terms and do as you please. Here are some tips to help you travel alone and still have a swell time.

  1. Book friendly accommodations: This ranges from a hotel, hostel, B&B or small inn that is particularly good for solo travelers. Do a lot of research before you begin your travels.
  2. WiFi: Most especially free WiFi. Stay in apartments where they offer free WiFi. Eat in restaurants that offer the same. Hangout at designated places that advertise such. It is key to having fun.
  3. Be a real tourist: Take loads of pictures. From the most minute things to the gigantic statues. Every click of your camera should count
  4. Learn a few words in the local language: If you are traveling to a country that does not have English as its official language, you should make an effort to learn and communicate in the local language. It’ll help you make friends.
  5. Take day tours: This is a good way to meet other people when melancholy starts to set in and you are tired of being on your own. travel alone
  6. Be curious: Ask the locals questions about the town, city or country.
  7. Establish a routine: Visit the same fruit market, café, shop every day. You’ll get to know the people and they’ll start to watch for you.
  8. Night Out: Whether it is a party or hangout spot, make sure you go out and experience nightlife in the city. Before leaving, ask the desk clerk whether the club or place you’re planning to go or attend is fun and safe.
  9. Stay sober: I know I advised you to party and be merry but drink very responsibly so that you are cognizant of your environment.
  10. Consider the movies: It’ll be fun to experience the cinema outside of your country.
  11. Walk/Stroll: There certainly is no better way to get to know a town or city and than walking. It’ll help you observe and understand things that would have passed in a blur if you were looking out from the window of a taxi or Uber.
  12. Do something new each day: Go to a museum, on a hot air balloon, eat a local dish, Skinny dip. Whatever it is, find something new each day and then do it. Explore if you have to. Research things to do in that town or city if need be. Just make sure it is new with each day

Happy Travels!!!


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