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12 Interesting and Weird Facts About Isaac Newton

What facts would you like to know about the man behind the law of gravity? Find out in this post?

12 Interesting and Weird Facts About Isaac Newton

Although Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientist to ever work the earth, his life wasn’t completely perfect. He had his quirks, weird moments,and many amazing attributes. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about him. You probably know some of this but it’s always fun to read about extraordinary people who left a mark on the world.

1. Newton was a virgin all through his life! There is no record of him ever marrying or dating someone. Even if eventually got laid, we will never know as there is no way to verify this.

2. He was quite religious. For someone who formulated some of the greatest scientific laws, he wrote more on religion than he ever wrote on science.

3. With his knowledge of the Bible, he made a few predictions. For instance, he predicted that Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion occurred on exactly 3 April, AD 33. He also predicted that mankind would not experience the apocalypse anytime sooner than 2060 A.D.

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4. It didn’t just stop there! He was the first person to ever predict that the Jews will reclaim Israel and this turned out to be true. Quite interesting. Don’t you think?

5. Newton was born three months after his father died. His family was poor and was into farming. When he turned 17, his mother instructed him to head to the farm anytime he returned from school. He did as he was told but he was an awful farmer. Seeing this, his uncle persuaded his mother to send him to Cambridge’s Trinity School. Perhaps we wouldn’t know him as the great scientist he is today but for his uncle’s intervention.

6. His admission into cambridge wouldn’t have been possible if his mother never remarried. Indeed, she married a financially stable man and was then able to afford his tution fees.

7. Newton was into alchemy. In case you’re wondering what that means, Alchemy is a pseudoscience that involves the conversion of lead into gold. In fact, he wrote 169 books on it and never published them because under act 1404, making gold and silver was a felony.

8.It is believed that Newton was born the same year another great scientist, Galileo Galilei, died. Are you thinking what I’m thinking that you’re thinking?

9. Newton was so tiny as a baby that his mother thought he would fit inside a quart mug. No one expected him to survive.

10. Perhaps Newton went too far with his scientific experiments. He once stuck a blunt needle known as buokin in his eye socket while experimenting with the properties of light. He did this because he wanted to convince people that the eyes were responsible for collecting light.

11. For such a great scientist, Newton was very secretive. Surprisingly, He kept many of his scientific and mathematical works secret probably for fear of being judged.

12. He lived a very lonely life and didn’t get along quite well with people. Some people believe he was autistic or had bipolar disorder. However, there is no proof of those claims.

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