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11 Tips That Will Ensure Your Trip Is A Success

Here are 11 random tips that will make your trip a success

11 Tips That Will Ensure Your Trip Is A Success

All you Ajala travellers, what is happening? What did you bring from the last trip? Hope you are putting all these tips I am dashing you into practice? Ehen do not go and be doing anyhow o.

So today, I want to give you tips that will ensure that your trip is a success and you enjoy your stay wherever you go.

  1. There is a NO DISTURB SIGN in hotel rooms, hang it proudly. When you are in your hotel room, always put up the sign on. You will be amazed by how many times the cleaning staff want to get into the room.
  2. I know you like coffee but please drink it with sense especially 2 days before you travel. When you arrive at your destination, still hold off on the coffee because of jetlag. Wait until a few hours and then you can espresso
  3. The seat pocket in front of you is not your best friend. Do not keep anything inside it as the probability of forgetting is very high. Don’t go and form I will remember and then forget your passport there o.
  4. Three important words that you should learn in a country’s language is HELLO, PLEASE and THANK YOU because kindness goes a very long way.
  5. Keep your old shoes for your next vacation or trip. Use them and then leave them in the hotel room, they’ll help you save space in your luggage.
  6. Check out the gym of the hotel if you are a gym rat. It is usually stocked with bottled water and fresh fruits. Make use of your money well well.

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  1. Free WiFi is not always free and you should not trust it. Try not to make any banking or online transactions with it.
  2. Take a picture of your bio-data page on your passport so that if you forget your passport they might still allow you, board. It is a very strong MIGHT but there is no harm in having it anyway.
  3. Dear Parent, If you are travelling with your baby, you will be allowed to pre-board the aeroplane to set up the car seat and maybe an overhead bin. Then you should wait in your seat till everyone has boarded to avoid noise, haggle and overall stress.
  4. It is always important to get your bearings when you arrive in a new city. Check out the neighbourhood, take a walk and note the stores, book shops, bars and maybe the pharmacy.
  5. Lastly, try not to begin a sentence with ”Do you understand English ?” It comes out as a put-down. It is more polite to say, ”I am sorry, I do not understand Latin. English?”


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