11 Tips for Dressing Well in Your 30s

When you’re in your 20s, there are many things that you can get away with. You’re still very fit and you can wear virtually anything. But once you pass 30, there are some outfits that won’t be acceptable anymore. So when you grow up, your wardrobe has to grow too.

How do you look attractive and fashionable in your 30s? Below are 11 tips for dressing well in your 30s.


  1. Memorize the rules about buttoning

There are two important numbers that you should know: zero and two. That is the number of buttons on any shirt that should be undone. It is too 90s business-casual to leave one button undone and three or more is a no-no!


  1. Ditch the leather mini skirts

When you’re in your 30s, a few more bolts of fabric will be necessary. Ditch those miniskirts from your school days and find something more appropriate.


  1. Own more chinos that jeans

Own more chinos with a variety of colours. This is fit in any situation; from a casual Friday at the office to visiting the grocery store.


  1. Buy blouses and not shirts

We’re not telling you to completely ditch them but keep them neatly stacked in the back of your drawer and wear them to bed only. So when shopping for tops, you should be paying attention to sweaters and blouses, and not t-shirts.


  1. Treat your shoe collection like a savings account

You should invest in a few things; a well-rounded stock portfolio, a mattress, and a shoe collection. Stock your shoe closet with shoes that will last longer and smell better. High-quality leather shoes are more odour repellent.


  1. Ditch the fake jewelry

Are you still putting on those earrings you got for Easter when you were 18 and they are still leaving a green ring around your ear? Then it’s time to retire them.

Ditch the fake jewelry and splurge for the real stuff.


  1. Draw a line between your going-out heels and your work heels

It is not appropriate to have heels that perform double-duty. Your going-out heels should be different from your professional heels.


  1. Get fancy with your footwear

Ramp up your look in your 30s by adding a little flair. While many of us wear loafers in our 20s, we should get fancy with footwear by opting for a pair of tassels.


  1. Spring for two quality watches

Every man should have two watches: the first should be lavish to impress co-workers and clients, and the casual one for everyone else. This will keep you covered for every occasion!


  1. Wear better tights

Ensure that your tights are well taken care of. They need to be washed, not to be thrown back in your drawer after wearing.

Also, you need to throw out your bold-patterned stockings.


  1. Wear ankle-length pants to the office

You’re now in your 30s, so it should be more about trousers with a tapered ankle and less skinny jeans.


These tips will make you look attractive and fashionable even in your 30s!


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