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11 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Vector da Viper

11 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Vector da Viper

He is arguably one o the best rap acts in Nigeria and has not once failed in delivering intellectual lyrics.

Vector, in an interview a few years back shared his thoughts on the state of rap in the Nigerian music industry.

In his words;

If you can’t sing, why are you singing? And that’s not about rappers; that’s about fraud and in time, they’ll be exposed. There’s a reason why it takes twenty years to be twenty years old. The truth is, the only thing that will last is great content that has great quality. For me, I think the rap industry in Nigeria is growing. We must blend to move with the times and not stay in a corner and criticise because you know what? Whether you criticise it or not, it’s still moving. So, whoever can rap and sing, why not do both?

Vector who has also opened up on his love or Fela’s sound revealed that;

Well, I’ve always been the guy that has a view of life and in every album I’ve dropped, I’ve addressed one social issue or the other. People think it’s funny but I feel the arms we fold is the reason we are suffering the way we’re suffering.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Fela when I was growing up because, as a child, I was mostly exposed to the things the news said about him which were mostly negative; in my head, Fela was the guy that was killing people and the government portrayed him successfully in that light.

The good thing was that my father was a strong fan of Fela so I grew up listening to his songs. A lot of people in the barracks played Fela and that got me confused. Why would they be playing his songs if he was as bad as he was portrayed? His songs made sense and they are songs you can connect with. If something is happening and I’m aware of it, I’ll talk about it. I’m not a freedom fighter; I’m just yarning my mind. Fighting for the people is hard. So this is me, as one man, fighting for myself because I know issues in this country like that of SARS can also happen to me.

Here are 11 things to know about rapper Vector

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1. His real name is Olanrewaju Ogunmefun.

2. He was born in Lagos State, but hails from Ogun State. He is the fourth of five children.

3. He attended Command children school, Ijebu Ode Grammar School, Government College Victoria Island & Saint Gregory’s College.

4.. He voiced the 2009 Sprite radio commercial.

5. He was once a member of the group ‘Badder Boiz’. The group recorded their first demo in 1999. They broke up in 2004.

6. He released his debut album ‘State Of Surprise‘ on 29 October 2010.

7. He departed from his then record label YSG Entertainment back in 2013, over a breach of contract.

8. He once had a beef with indigenous rapper Reminisce. Both released dissed track but ended their beef on 30th of December 2013. They both worked on Vector’s ‘King Kong’ remix..

9. He has won a number of awards to include Best Rap Single at the 2015 Headies Award.

9. He became an ambassador for the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

11. He is an avid Arsenal fan.


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