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11 Stunning Outfits Every Lady Should Have

11 Stunning Outfits Every Lady Should Have

Having expensive clothes and outfits as part of a girl’s wardrobe collection is a necessity. A lot of women want to have the latest and trending clothes but buying fashion trends isn’t always cheap. There are now was to make your normal outfit look stunningly expensive without much effort. Just the way you wear these clothes and the accessories worn to compliment them can give your outfit an expensive look. This article focuses on a few outfits to have that look way more expensive that they actually are.

  • A Black Dress.

A black dress will always appear classic. It’s sleek, elegant, and is one of those items you that should always have in your closet. You can never have too many black dresses! From rocking them in that social event, to looking classy to work in them, black dresses do not fail to make you look exquisite and expensively dressed.

  • A well-structured Culottes

A pair of one of these worn with a nice tee shirt, cropped top or a long sleeved shirt will always make a delightful ensemble. And as the saying goes, when you have clothing that fits you, you instantly look more expensive!

  • A camel coat

Coats can be worn over almost anything and still make you look good. When it comes to coats, there is nothing that looks more expensive than a well-fabricated camel coat! An ageless piece, its color gives it an elegant look of royalty.

  • Vintage whites

Going to a party or function and you do not feel your clothes look expensive enough, why not pull out a white dress to wear. Every girl should have those one of the good old pure white dresses, jumpsuits or gowns in her wardrobe. Wearing white never goes out of style and gives you that extra look of elegance.

  • Turtlenecks

The elongated neckline of turtleneck outfits find a way to give it glamorous look. From turtleneck dresses, to turtleneck gowns and knits, this type of outfit is highly recommended to be included in your collection.

  • A simple bag

Adding a simple black bag to the mix after dressing up instantly makes it look more expensive. A simple bag with long detachable straps that can also be used as a purse will give you that chic look.

  • A beautiful body con dress

Worn to an event, for dinner or for just to a regular outing, Body cons give an extra refined stylish look. Dressing stylishly is this amazing outfit is guaranteed to make your look appear more expensive than it really is!

  • Tailored pieces

Having a piece perfectly cut to fit often gets overlooked but it can make all the difference in your silhouette! Everyone’s bodies are a shaped differently, so sometimes it’s hard to find outfits that can fit you perfectly. That’s where a tailor can come in! When you have on an outfit that fits you, you instantly look more expensive!

  • Denim

Denim shirts, denim jeans, denim jackets and dresses. Denim can be worn on anything! In fact, it can even be worn on denim, yes! Coming in different styles and sizes, denim effortlessly make you look more expensive than you actually are!

  • Floral prints

Floral prints are just gorgeous. Floral print shirts, skirts, pleated or straight gowns and dresses. The vibrant print add so much color to the beauty of this outfit making it look worth a high price tag. All you need is a perfect pair of strappy heels or flats to complete a glamorous look.

So there you have it! 11 amazing outfits that look way more expensive than they actually are! So for all you ladies out there who love to look stylish on a budget, this is for you. You don’t always need to own expensive things to look expensive!


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