11 Signs You’re Melting Her Heart

We commonly believe that figuring a woman’s heart is close to impossible. The signs a woman displays are usually obvious but in a subtle way. How do you then know if a lady is into you?

Below are 11 signs to tell if you’re melting her heart and if she feels the same way about you.


  1. She repeats the phrase ‘Someone like you’

Her description of the man she wants is very similar to you or she bluntly admits that she wants someone like you.

A lady that shows that she wants someone like you is into you, and you’re definitely melting her heart!


  1. Nothing is more important than you

If she responds to your texts, tweets, emails and social media chats in less than an hour, then you’re melting her heart.

If your phone calls are never ignored and she is eager to talk to you at all times, then she is really into you.


  1. She is there for you no matter what

No matter the period of the day and the situation you’re in; midnight, sober or drunk. When you call, she answers and talks to you. She may have an early morning presentation at work or an exam the following morning but she doesn’t mind talking to you.


  1. Her friends are now your friends

When a lady really likes you, her friends will know. So they will try to meet you and add you to their social media pages. But none of her friends are allowed to converse with you for more than five minutes.


  1. Your ex-girlfriends are her best and worse topics

You’re melting in her heart when she demands to know everything about your ex-friends. This is because she wants to know what you like and what you don’t.  She also tells you that you’re better without them and constantly picks on them. This shows that she is really into you.


  1. She is always one step too close

She is always one step close with her hands brushing yours whenever you’re walking on the street or sitting in a café.

This shows that she wants to be around you all the time!


  1. She always has a smile for you

She will do everything within her power to make you smile when you’re having an awful day. She will persist only till she’s sure that you’re okay.

Always having a smile for you proves that you’re melting in her heart.


  1. Everything about you is a big deal

She wants the good for you always and shows you that your happiness makes her happy. Every great moment of your life counts for her; be it your parents’ wedding anniversary, your birthday, winning a contract, getting promoted at work, etc.


  1. Every word you utter matters

She listens to everything you say attentively and remembers even the tiniest details from the conversations that you both have. You shouldn’t be surprised if she relates a statement you made three months ago, in the exact way you said it.


  1. She makes sure that everything is perfect

If you make a plan for you both to meet, she will re-confirm thrice because she wants to make sure that you will be there. Then she shows up ten minutes earlier and she dresses the perfect way. Even if you visit very early in the morning, she will make an effort to appear nice for you.


  1. She has her jealous moment

When you tell her about a lady you consider beautiful, her tone will change and then, she will proceed to give you a lengthy talk about everything she finds wrong in the lady.


If she does any of these, then you’re definitely melting her heart!



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