11 Ridiculous Beliefs We Were Told while Growing Up!

Growing up in Nigeria is a totally unbeatable experience.

From hearing stories about the military rule and the Nigerian civil war to wise folklores about the animal kingdom, we were told so many fascinating stories while growing up. We were also told enchanting myths and a few scary beliefs, some of which we discover to be absolutely untrue as adults.

So I put together 12 ridiculous Nigerian myths I was told while growing up. Check them out:

  • When the sun is shining and it’s raining at the same time, then a lion/ an elephant is giving birth.

I don’t know where this belief came from, but we totally thought it was true. In fact many still think it is.

  • Drinking the water found inside a coconut makes a child dull.

They should have just said they were ‘long throats’ and wanted the sweet nectar all for themselves instead of making us believe this.

  • It is forbidden for children to eat gizzard!


  • If a lizard swallows your tooth then it will never grow back.

This made me so scared of lizards ehn. I always used to bury my teeth or wrap it up and throw it on the roof.

  • If you stand in the middle of the market and look between your legs, you’d see spirits.

This belief put the fear of markets in me for a very long time!

  • If someone crosses over your legs when you are sitting down, then you’d give birth to a child that looks like the person.

Based on the metaphysical crossing of genes that will happen abi? Chai! Naija sha!

  • If you eat food while standing, then you will have yam legs!

The fear of getting yam legs alone made us always sit properly while eating.

  • If you eat food while crouching, then all the food is leaving your body through your bumbum.

And nobody wanted that so we sat to eat oh.

  • If you spit on the road and someone steps on it, then you’d have throat pain.

I guess we were told this to make us spit on the road less.

  • As a guy, if you get flogged with a broom then your penis will grow smaller!

My sisters tormented my life with broom because of this belief ehn! Chai!

  • If you hit your left leg on a stone on your way out, then you’d run into bad luck that day and vice versa.

Okay I know a lot of people still believe this but I assure you, it’s just a myth. If you don’t agree with me, ask yourself this… what happens when you hit your right leg, and then hit your left leg on your way out?

So those are the 11 beliefs I can remember being told while growing up. Do you remember any other one? Share with us be commenting below!


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