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11 Most Hated Celebrities

11 Most Hated Celebrities

We all know being a celebrity comes with his cons and most celebrities have had their brand badly slammed by trolls who feel they do not deserve to be where they are today.

Here are the 10 most hated celebrities today

Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star and serial businesswoman over the years have come under major attacks from trolls  and celebrities like her. Kim who hit the limelight following the leak of her sex tape with singer Ray bJ since gaining major popularity has not found it easy as may believe she does nothing and does not deserve to be a celebrity.

Kris Jenner

Kris, who is the matriarch of the Kardashian Klan has is not new to the hate being spewed her way. Kris was accused of helping launch Kim’s career by being the one to leak Kim’s infamous sex tape with Ray J.

Anne Hathaway

Anne was well loved by many until she shot Les Miserables and her desperate need to win the Oscar began to get on many’s nerves.

Justin Bieber

Biebs started off his career as that sweet young boy who could sing and get the teenage girls swooning over him,. But over the years as he grew, he has managed to fall on the hate list of many despite his teeming fans.


Madonna has earned her spot as an A list act since joining the entertainment industry many years ago. However, she began to garner haters after reports from Malawi claim she is misrepresenting her charity work in the country which is home to two of her youngest children, David and Mercy.

Matt Lauer

Jerk is mostly the first thing anyone would see if they type Matt’s name in Google. Matt who once-hosted the popular NBC morning show Today came under massive fire after many believed he brought about the firing of his much-loved colleague Ann Curry.
 Katherine Heigl
Many fell inlove with Katherine due to her character and acting on the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy. However, she soon left the show in hopes of becoming a movie star. The actress went on to appear in some movies which according to many were poor. She however gained some good review with the movie Knocked Up but ended up labelling the film ‘sexist’ upon its release.

 Kristen Stewart

Kristen has come to be one celebrity many love to hate. She cheated on her then boyfriend Robert Pattinson with a married man, but was forgiven. However many have found this difficult to let go and Kristen does not really care anymore.

Taylor Swift

She was seen as the girl next door for many years but all of this went down the drain after she was outed by Kim Kardashian for being a conniving person.


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