11 Crazy Things Women Were Told About Pregnancy

The last one will make you laugh

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Pregnancy is a crazy time in women’s life. And the rest of the world can come at you to offer all kinds of unfounded, emotionally-charged, nonsensical thoughts that they seemingly pulled out of thin air, to offer you as truth. Especially our grandmas does that always and no one knows where they get that all the information from.

These are 11 Wild Things Women Have Been Crazily Told About Their Pregnancy:


1. We were told that women need to shave down there or the baby will get carpet burn.

2. They said that eating peanut butter would give your baby cancer. hmmm! how true is this?

3. Women would be told labor should be painless because Jesus died and erased the “pain during childbirth’ penalty humans got from Eve. If you feel any pain, it’s because you don’t believe in Jesus’ redemptive powers.

4. If you raise your arms above your head, it will tangle the baby’s cord and the baby will die.

5. We were told that, because the baby grows inside the mother’s stomach, everything she eats or drinks just falls right onto the baby.

6. When your pregnancy is past due date, you would be advised to drink cod liver oil mixed with vodka. Apparently this mixture would upset your digestive system, give you horrible diarrhea, and eventually trigger labor contractions.” hmmm Naija! i fear you.

7. Some even said a pregnant woman shouldn’t bathe most of the time because the baby would get drown. Yes! you heard me right.

8. They go as far as saying not to drink hot tea. Because if you do, you’d boil the baby inside the stomach. LOL

9. Naija ehn! na wa oo. A woman that have an emergency C-section wouldn’t be a ‘real woman’ unless she had a vaginal birth.

10. Don’t sit on stairs – it will cause you to have a miscarriage.

11. Haven’t you heard this before? A pregnant woman shouldn’t go out while the sun is out shinning around 1-3 PM.

These are the thing we hear from those grandmas and mid-wives every time.. have you had the experience? do you know more of it being said? add it in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.


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