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10 Weird Things About Being Engaged

People congratulate you on your engagement but nobody really tells you the weird things about being engaged

10 Weird Things About Being Engaged

Most of us have a notion of how being engaged is supposed to be and look like, this has been done by the help of the media and societal norms. We think that engagements are supposed to be these magical events during which everything goes right in your world and love conquers all.

But what nobody ever talks about or informs you is the peculiar details that go hand in hand with being engaged. I decided to do justice to that and bring you 10 of the weirdest things about being engaged that nobody tells you.

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  1. The ring: You know that feeling where you have just put on nail polish and you don’t want to ruin it, but you’re not sure if it has dried yet. Wearing the new ring is exactly like that. You’re not certain how to place your hands, whether the stone is too large and colourful and you feel that everything you need to do is being done by your left hand. Wearing a ring constantly may take some time getting used to.
  2. The list: Finalising your guest list is one of the most important decisions you would make. Your budget and choice of venue is affected by it. Of course, family and best friends are going to be there but what happens to the colleagues you aren’t that close with but meet every day? And the list is endless
  3. Deciding who makes the cut, and telling them: Even though thinning the guest list looked like the most difficult task of all? You will not understand what difficult means until you have to inform someone that they’re not invited to the wedding.
  4. Being asked something you two haven’t yet discussed: Have you ever thought about what would happen when you are asked something you two have not even discussed, at least not yet? Who responds first? Do you look at your partner with the side eye? What exactly do you do?
  5. Having opposite answers to a randomly asked question: There will come a time when you respond to an innocently asked question without much forethought and then it turns out much to your embarrassment, you and your fiance share opposing views on the matter. It could be something simple like the hyphenation of a name after marriage, or whether you would ever consider getting out of the country.
  6. Unsolicited advice: Now that the whole world knows about your engagement, the whole married population will suddenly be an expert on wedding planning. Just remember that the decision to take the unrequested advice is yours. You can say no just as easily as you can accept.
  7. Mentioning your budget: Wanting to cut costs and lie to vendors in a bid to have a cost-effective wedding without reducing the experience of you or your guests is not all that uncommon. So if you want to have a budget-friendly wedding, know that you’ll repeat this phrase as much as you can “Oh, well, no we won’t be having so and so, we’re on a budget”. In fact, make sure the second part of the phrase is omnipresent over the period of your wedding planning.
  8. Waiting: Having a longer engagement would give you the opportunity to have a wide variety of options but there’s a most overwhelming pitfall to it, The wait! The most agonising and ecstatic part about a long engagement is the unending wait.
  9. Calling him or her fiancée or fiancé: It will take a while getting used to the transitioning from ‘boyfriend’ or girlfriend to fiancé or fiancée. Introductions, when engaged, can be awkward and confusing during this phase.
  10. The Wedding Day: Last of this list is the planning of a wedding. It can be a strain on one’s nerves. Of course, it is a happy day beckoning but some times the pressure and work for that one day most times is too much or too tasking. Breathe if you must. Stop and breathe.


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