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6 Ways You Can Boost Male Fertility


Infertility is an issue that has been effecting men all over the world. Almost one in every six couples is facing this issue. Male fertility is a common problem among men; one in every three men suffers from infertility.

Infertility cannot always be cured, but you can make the condition better with adapting a healthier diet, lifestyle changes and vitamin supplements.

In this article you will discover 10 lifestyle changes, foods, vitamins and nutrients that may improve the fertility of a man.

What exactly is Male Infertility?

It is popularly known as one’s ability to reproduce.

You may consider yourself infertile if your sperm does not have the capability or the quality of impregnating your partner. It may vary with the quality of the sperm.

Infertility does not happen due to just one reason and your genes could be one of those reasons. Others could be general health, fitness, diseases, and dietary contaminants.

Here are some medical science-backed ways that will help you in boosting your infertility and the quality of your sperm:

1. Exercise on a Regular Basis



Exercise can do wonders for you as it improves your physical performance as it may also increase your testosterone levels.

If you don’t exercise regularly but aim to improve the quality of semen, becoming more physically active is the only solution.

Many studies have found that men who exercise daily have increased testosterone levels and better quality semen as when compared to men who don’t exercise regularly.

2. Get Enough Vitamin D


Vitamin D may also help in improving testosterone levels.
An observational study showed that men that have a deficiency of vitamin D also have lower levels of testosterone.

Another controlled study of 65 men that had low testosterone levels and vitamin D deficiency also backed these results.

An intake of 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily for one year improved their testosterone levels.

3. Relaxation and Minimization of Stress

Stress may affect you in various harmful ways, like it can reduce your sexual satisfaction reduce your fertility.

A persistent level of stress may raise your cortisol levels, and this may impact your testosterone levels in a negative way. They basically have an inverse relationship.

Stress management can be done by going for a walk in, meditating, exercising or just by spending quality time.

4. Get Vitamin C More

A study conducted in infertile men has shown that taking 1,000-mg vitamin C supplements twice a day for almost two months help increase the sperm quality by 92% and sperm count by higher than 100%. It also helped in reducing the percentage of deformed sperm cells by almost 55%.

When the intake of antioxidants like vitamin C is increased, it may counter some of these harmful effects. There have been instances where vitamin C was able to improve the quality of semen.

5. Take Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a medical herb that can be used to improve male fertility.

A study conducted on men with low sperm count showed that taking 6 grams of tribulus root every day for two months enhanced their erectile functions.

6. Improve your Zinc Intake

Zinc is a mineral that is found commonly in animal food, for example meat, fish, eggs and shellfish. Inadequate intake of zinc may affect your male fertility.


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