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10 Ways To Spend Time With Your Partner

Here are 10 ways to spend time with your partner and not be bored.

10 Ways To Spend Time With Your Partner

Hey guys, are you planning on spending time with your partner soon?

We have decided to put this in a mix today and give you different ways in which you could spend time with your bae or boo. Like actually spend time doing something not just filling the silence with mundane conversations and boring yourselves to death while waiting for the hands of the clock to move a little bit faster.relationship

  1. GO OUT FOR A WALK. Yes Sir, take a stroll. Hold her hands and talk about your future, the next step you intend to take, banter, joke, laugh etc. Just leave the four walls of the house and take a walk. You could call it exercising also.
  2. PAINT HER NAILS. I know some of you just rolled your eyes when you saw this. But why reject it when you have not tried it out before. If her nails are bare and unpainted, this is a good bonding tip that will help you. If her nails are fixed,Oga just jejeli leave it and proceed to Number 3.
  3. WATCH A TEDTALK. When have you guys ever sat down to watch something educating or inspiring? Does your relationship even know what that is?
  4. WATCH FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEOS. At least if you cannot watch Ted Talk, you will sha be able to watch funny videos and laugh. Ehen. That will also help to solidify your bond and find out if her kind of funny is your kind of funny.
  5. LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST. Both of you should have one artist that you both agree on and you both like. Listening to his or her album and critiquing it will be a fun way to spend the day together.
  6. CREATE A PLAYLIST. There is nothing like creating a playlist with your favorite person. Since you both have different tastes in music, it’ll be an experience putting your diverse taste together.
  7. DRAW OR COLOR IN A COLORING BOOK. We know this seems like child’s play or you are jobless but you’ll not appreciate it until you do it. That’s when you will find out that your girl does not know colour codes and what colours should not be used on an animal. Or that your boo does not still know how to colour within the lines. You’ll have fun teasing her about it.
  8. SIGN UP FOR VOLUNTEER WORK. What better way to be good than do good(Quote by me) Sign you and your partner up for a bout of voluntary work. Research together and make plans if you are going together or at separate times. You’ll be glad you did.spending time together
  9. USE HER FACIALS TO PAMPER YOUR FACE. When was the last time you had a facial or applied a face mask? My point exactly. Make her your Spa Attendant and get her to pamper your face silly.
  10. DRINK WATER and SLEEP. If the above 9 does not work or you do not seem comfortable to do any one of them. We will advise that you both drink 2 glasses of water each and just sleep.

We hope these 10 tips help you spend a memorable time with your significant other.


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