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10 Ways to Make Your Relationship Less Complicated (Part 2)

To make your relationship uncomplicated, YOU have to be uncomplicated. Here are 10 ways to do so.

Would you call yourself a couple If you do not do these 8 things together?

Every relationship needs simplicity and ease, so this post is going to be some very sound and heartfelt advice on the things that will help you uncomplicate yourself and sequentially uncomplicate your relationship. I hope you enjoy the read and then apply it. Let’s begin.

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  1. Communicate better: Communication is the most important key to every great and long-lasting relationship. Use your words, be expressive, communicate as much as you can.
  2. Stop saying “yes” all the time: You have your own opinions for a reason and you don’t have to change them just to fit in. You can say “no” to your partner f you feel like the point actually is wrong, don’t just say “yes” if you don’t mean it.
  3. Don’t overthink: Overthinking you or your relationship is one of the worst conditions you can put yourself in. Overthinking will only make you sad and lonely in the long run.
  4. Life isn’t all about “YOU”: I know a lot of People in relationships who always put others needs before their own. That is the kind person you need to strive to be. Be completely happy, you need to be completely selfless.
  5.  Be honest: You need to live by these words because you’ll never be happier in life until you are completely honest with people. Keep in mind, you may start losing some of the “friends” when they see your honest side, but that just means they weren’t supposed to stay in the first place.
  6. Keep realistic expectations: Don’t let unrealistic, unjust and unfair expectations ruin your beautiful relationship and hurt your partner in a way that’s unchangeable.
  7. Don’t take things too seriously: No matter what your significant other, try not taking it too personally. Try understanding things before you start taking them to heart.
  8. The little things are important: Those who appreciate the little things are going to go very far in life because it takes a lot of love to actually see the little efforts people put in their actions for you. Always appreciate the little things.
  9. Don’t be dramatic: Some of you live and breath drama and that is not healthy. Stop for a moment and pay close attention to your own life, try and fix it.
  10. Outer beauty is unimportant: Outer beauty and materialistic things have no importance whatsoever as beauty fades away and money goes away. Instead, give importance to personality rather than how beautiful or handsome they are. Check if they are more beautiful and good looking on the inside.

I hope these posts help you live better and healthier lives.


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